BBB20: After you criticize, Gizelly, Felipe’s Grandson, gets sharp reply from the staff to the sister: ‘What moral do you think it is?’


It’s not only the inside of the house for the “WEEK 20” the emotions are on the surface of the skin., This Friday (10th), the youtuber Felipe Neto, with only a small ‘slice of climão with the administrators of the social network of sister Gizelly. After a position on a controversial case involving, Babu Santana, Thelma, and why rio de janeiro received a response to set the state of espírito santo.

On Thursday (9), the interpretation of Tim Maia’s in the cinemas, has caused controversy by comparing the color tone of the makeup with the earth. “There’s no way not to think about that, that business is brown’s base. This is clay, this is clay.”, she said. “Clay what? No! This is the basis of”explained Thelminha. Check out the picture:

Felipe Neto angry with the situation and went so far as to comment, however, many netizens thought that it would have been more sympathetic with the brother of the one that was with Gizelly in the previous episode. “There are too many black people, saying that the comment of Babu on the ‘mud’ isn’t a big thing. It has lots of black people, saying that it was wrong, yes. And I’m white. I’m lost here. Only my Whats you came for 4 people – 2 I thanked him for having criticized it, and 2 of me knocking”he wrote.

“With that in mind, I deleted the tweet. If there is a debate in its own black people about something is racist or not, it is not a white man who’s going to jump into the fray and say who is right or wrong. Take what I said about the Babu he did, and I’m so sorry, at least to understand more about all of this,” she pondered on.

Photo: Reproduction/Twitter
Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

However, it is the youtuber if you bothered to watch the accusations that it had treated the two men differently because of the gender of the Gizelly. “You have to be a son of a p*ta to tell you that I have criticized it for being a WOMAN… rather than the fact that it is white, with a degree in Law, practicing the profession of a lawyer, you have done over and over again and you have made the comment that the clay is in a whole other context”if he defended.

Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

It was then that the administrators of the account of the state of espírito santo decided to hit the driver straight. “Scott, I think it’s very valid for you to want to address issues such as sexism, racism and homophobia, even if it is not your place to speak. But, if you can even say that it took 10 years to go from being the one kid is a treat, and correct your mistakes, what is the moral you think you have to judge someone else?”asked.

“Don’t you want to be a champion of morality and of the “politically correct”, this will never fit. And I’ll tell you: if the court is of the internet, you judge and condemn as much as you think, and it condemns today, you will not be easy. I think of it“, alfinetaram.

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Tags “Shut up Felipe, Neto,” and “WMD’s Gizelly” ended up on the topics most talked about on the social networking site, but it does not seem to have much of an effect on the Child. “Especially in the Gizelly d*taço to me by pulling a tag into trending topics. For my children, and I have had a version of Justin Bieber, ‘Twilight’ and ’50 Shades of Grey’ at the same time, to me, proof of that. I have a large Biroliro, fans of the familícia, and the Chief of All. Welcome to all of you, hahahahaha”joked, referring to one of the other groups of haters who attack him.

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To remind you of the event

On the 3rd day of April, Gizelly, he spoke in the mud while I was commenting on the beauty product that is used by Thelma. When you see the water is dirty; the state of espírito santo rose from the bed, where she was to take a closer look at. “Guys, I don’t know what to Thelminha goes away, it’s the clay?”financial crisis. “It’s my base!”justified their love scenes. “This is the earth.”he repeated the lawyer. When the video surfaced, internet users have pointed out the racism that is contained in the speech of the lawyer. Watch in its entirety below:

Philip’s Grandson, who has been involved in the program on a daily basis, and have already shown your support by Babu Santana, you don’t like what he saw, and responded to the participant in the social media networks to share the recording. “P*ta “make me wanna”. ‘Oh, Felipe put up the full video, she says that it is not a color, it’s the quantity. That is, because the ‘MUD’ has to do with the amount of, you know, ” the bunch of daughters of p*ta. I have more patience. It will ‘mop up’ at the home of the c’cete. Draw the base of the black CLAY-this is unacceptable!”and it published.

The influence of the digital it still has on the fans of the player who came to the defense all of the time and controversial. “Do you think the degree of the mental disorder that a person has to have to enjoy it so MUCH, in fact, a PARTICIPANT IN the REALITY, to the point where you hear a person calling at the base of a black woman’s ‘CLAY,’ and you still go out cursing and criticizing anyone who points out the racism in it.”and it published.

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Later on, he tried to alleviate the situation by sharing the video, Gizelly is about to be relearned the meaning of some words and meanings that are racist, and that you do not want to use them. I agree 100% with this tweet. I hope the fact that she’s out here to learn and I’m sorry. But, as this is the reality of where we think the mistakes, we’re going to speed up that coming to her to learn out here as soon as possible”he wrote.