Britney Spears is the criticism of the film, and the star of Marvel’s hangs


Dolittle came to theaters in February, making it one of the last films to be aired in movie theaters prior to the quarantine, the coronaviruses cause the dismissal of the same. Unfortunately, the film did not have a good view on the box office.

The film grossed$ 223 million worldwide, which wasn’t great, especially when you consider the budget of$ 175 million. As for the reception, Dolittle has been full of criticism and negativity.

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Currently, the film holds a score of 15 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. However, not everyone in the world hated Dolittle.

Recently, pop star Britney Spears went to Instagram to praise the film. Since that time, the post caught the attention of the star of the movie, Robert Downey Jr. the most well-known for having been the singer of Iron Man in the Marvel universe.

“This film is not to be missed! Robert Downey Jr. it’s so genuine that you will fall in love with it. The animals are hilarious and there seems to be a special tone in the entire film, which I think is hard to find nowadays. If you watch this movie and be just as passionate as I am for the jackets and vests, do not miss it like I do, just keep in mind that this is a man who can talk to animals, and it’s brilliant. I can’t even tell you how many movies I’ve watched in a quarantine now,” she wrote in Her.

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Downey, Jr. you shared in the post of Britney Spears, with the caption: “the Activities of the quarantine, the following: number one, to listen to Britney. Number two: listen to Britney’s. Check out Dolittle streaming online by the end of the week with your little ones.”

Dolittle came to the theaters in brazil in the 20th of the month of February. The film marked the first production on the Robert Downey, Jr. ever since he left his role as Iron Man in Marvel comics in Avengers: Ultimatum.