Create a debt “is to invite the industry to the misery,” she warns Adolfo Mesquita Nunes


Fully exposed to the pandemic, “tourism is one of the last sectors to be able to get back to searching, to offer installed”. This is the opinion of Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, who, in spite of the warning that the sector “is going to be fallow for a year or two ago, he believes that he will be back in force, and not of the world, or ways of thinking and give you a 180-degree turn. After all, he says, “in the world But it is to this quarantine, and all the people that are not like it.”

Adolfo Mesquita Nunes speaking at the first “Tourism Talks” is organized by the agency for the communication’s Message in a Bottle, where he drew attention to the fact that of all the times that they expect the tourism to be an effective aids vaccine will be of some failure, that is, the holidays will be floating at the mercy of, which is dictated by the condition. This is a scenario that will require public policies that take into account all aspects of health, and will lead you to the whole of the tourism industry to suffer any changes, as a result of changes in the level of reserves, and the searches of the consumers, as well as a degree of disruption in the type of holiday they will choose.

“The tour is fully exposed to the pandemic, and is one of the last sectors to be able to get back to searches for the entire supply installed,” and “it is necessary to have a notion that this is a lockdown, in which we find ourselves, while not being definitive, can be a blink”, said the ex-secretary of State for the Holidays. Now, “for the industry to be organised in the medium-and long-term, this instability, is going to determine any changes in the profile of the research, the booking, as well as guarantees and insurance, and in the proper relationship to the business. Hence, “the target must also be prepared both from the point of view of advocacy, as well as the lines of support for these failures”.

You begin to think about recovery, and, especially, to map out a plan to get out of the quarantine, it is something that Adolfo Mesquita Nunes believes it is essential, even more so because they will be required for new public policies is not only to provide support to the business to re-enter the market, but also in terms of health policies, both because of the destination, you will need to continue to be shown as safe, but that security will have to go the extra mile to meet the demands that will be placed on the level of health, “and this must be shown by concrete policies”. Businesses, especially hotels, you will have to adapt to these new times, and to put in place measures that are able to demonstrate to the consumer that it is safe in terms of health.

Although he believes that “today, as never before we were able to do in the face of such a situation”, Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, has made it clear that the strength of the industry depends on the support it is given, and he warned that they may not, however, require short-term for that part of the business of tourism and even less to take them for the debt. “The funding has to be for liquidity,” he says, with a warning that no-one can make plans with on the horizon is a pick-up in the 4-or 5-month period, so that the “big investment, big debt-making, and avalizações, personal or any kind of support that the State gives and that it requires this kind of venture might be to invite the sector to the disaster.

Even taking into account that there are companies that can restore it to the hosting site can be sent to the rental market, there are many hotels that you can convert your focus to the other that it is impossible (in the case of the tourism companies). “Don’t make troubles, personal debt-making with the illusion that things will return to normal soon, because it’s not going to happen,” he says.

In anticipation of that, such as the conference and events facilities will be the most affected, and that the demand, in general terms, it is going to be driven by the connections in the air, talk about a disruption in the composition of demand, he said that only to be expected that people will change what they want to do in the holidays, and, most of all, that all the nations will exert a strong pressure on its citizens, so that it does not take a vacation in a foreign country.

Thus, the return in force of the “go out there”, which, covering the whole of the country, it will take the Uk to lose its top markets of origin. He believes, however, that this is not the end of the sector, “the tour is going to return, but not now”, and that even if everything goes well, “there’s going to be a 1-or 2-year fallow’, which will be determined at the time that it takes to find a cure.

Even though you are certain that this will generate some changes to it, and says it does not have to be right in that it’s the mentality of a tourist, particularly in regard to sustainability concerns, it is not only in terms of its purpose, but in terms of ideas and of measures taken to that end. “I care not believe that the sustainability concerns will determine to a significant change in the tour,” he said, explaining: “in the world of Rift [Thunberg] it is to this quarantine that we are living in and the people that are not like it.”

Sure that the tour is going to be back and in force.” warning him of the consequences of the economic crisis that is coming and they are going to pass on the reduction in the demand for a lower power purchase and lower the price. With regard to the carrying capacities of tourist facilities, and, pointing to the measurements a little to aggressive of a control, such as the mandatory booking, online booking, Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, will not cease to say, with some irony, that “we are going to miss the overflow of tourists.”