Dave remembers the story with the Prince; read more here


A tale of the Dave on her Instagram, of the stories he recalls stories from his career. This week, the announcement was one of the greatest artists of all time: Prince.

The leader of the The Foo Fighters it tells about some of his memories with the album, which include a finding that the singer hated his band, so it apparently does not have an approved cover of “Darling Nikki”, which is the Upgrade made to the The B-Side the australian band “Have It All”.

However, He was in the wrong, to be told by his manager that the Prince is, in fact, was going to sing “Best Of You”, in his presentation at the Super Bowl, with the stage in the most prestigious of the United States of america. The disbelief was so great, that the Measure or watched the live show, but when they finally witnessed it and noticed that it was the greatest moment of his career.

“As long as my own tears, and reached for the keyboard, such as in the rain in Miami on that night, I realized that this was, without a doubt, that my conquest of the music that I was proud of. All those years spent in my room practicing alone on the discs, the Beatles, sleeping in lodgings, swimming, and tours of the winter in Europe, playing my drums until my hands literally bled… everything is worth it at this point.

I was watching one of the best living artist known to man, singing my song, up to 100 million people, as [a música] it was your first time… so Much has been written about their performance on that day, it was truly the best show of the range [do Superbowl] in the story (I’m sorry, JLo [Jennifer Lopez]But for me, I will always remember this as the greatest highlight of my life. ”

Four years later, in that very moment, He and some friends were on a “party buses”), for a gig at the Prince, and, through a friend of Dave’s, I knew I was on the legend I would like to play the guitar with him on stage. However, there was just one problem…, Dave, was very high, according to his own words. So jam session it was the next morning.

Dave has more details, finally, play along with one of his own, including “Whole Lotta Love” (from the Led Zeppelinand until you have been invited to play live on stage with Prince in this next week, but for some reason, it did not appear, in conclusion, that in the sealed off or had to have made a big dream come true.

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