Felipe’s Grandson, pronounced after the controversy with the BBB20, and what he says is surprising


Philip’s Grandson responds to all the fans for Gizelly Bicalho, after being attacked on Twitter for. The youtuber Philip’s Grandson made it to the top of a Twitter, after you criticize the positions of the Gizelly the BBB20. One of the admins of the page, to the s., in the social network had, and he said that Felipe was the Grandson did not have to put up as the ‘champion of reason’, and noted that the youtuber has already been the subject of several controversies.

Philip’s Grandson, after having had the more varied attacks, and he was able to be justified, as can be seen a few posts from him on Twitter. The official profile of Felipe Neto on Twitter it has over 11 million followers.

Felipe Neto is pronounced after the attacks, criticizing, Gizelly the BBB20

“Especially in the Giselle putaço to me by pulling on the tag for trending topics.
For my children, and I have had a version of Justin Bieber, Twilight, and 50 Shades of Gray, and at the same time, to me, proof of that. I have a large Biroliro, fans of the familícia, and the Chief of All. Welcome to all of you, it’s the”,
he answered Felipe Neto the comments that have been received in the course of the entire day.

Please see below for the the publication of Philip’s Grandson, about the issue with Gizelly Bicallho the BBB20; his name continues to be one of the most talked-about of the edes and social.

Even with that justification, He’s Grandson has continued to be criticised by the fans for Gizelly. “The guy’s got multiple tweets criticizing the woman, but he doesn’t even know how to type the name correctly” it reminded one of the viewers of Big Brother Brazil. Philip’s Grandson took advantage of the aftermath of the criticism and also posted a video to his channel.