Find out how Robert Downey, Jr. he has received the ‘Avengers: Ultimatum’!


Wow! In accordance with the Forbes, Robert Downey Jr. he has received The US$ 75 million for his role in ‘theUpcoming Deadline‘.

On the website it states that the starting salary of an actor has been in The US$ 20 millionwith the addition of 8% of the box office, which led to the addition of The US$ 55 million.

In the fall of 2017, Kevin Feige he said to Forbes: “The percentage of the cost of the budget, it certainly was uneven, especially in the movie ‘the Avengers’. In the first film, the costs were more around the visuals. But that’s okay, because [os atores] they are the best.”

And, contrary to everything we thought Robert Downey Jr.who starred in the iconic “Iron Man” for the last time on the big screen, it was not the highest paid actor in the movie…

Chris Hemsworthwho gave birth to Me, took the podium.

In spite of being the third artist with the most screen time (45 minutes), Hemsworth has received THE$76,4 million because of your participation in the ‘Ultimatum’.

The second highest paid actor in the movie was Downey (The US$ 75 million and 62 minutes of the screen). Soon after that, we have to Bradley Cooper (THE$ 57 million), Scarlett Johansson (The US$56 millionand, finally, Chris Evans (THE$43.5 millionwith The 66-minute from the time of the screen).

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It is well to remember that Hemsworth return to the a sequence of ‘I’making it to the franchise’s God of Thunder is officially the longest-running in the The Cinematographic universe of Marvel comics.

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