Hacker (2015) – Tv Critic


The culprit is not a “character” in the cyberculture that plays role the only negative, as with many films, and the stories spread by the media. To understand the development of the film, for example, there is need for the viewer to learn how to differentiate the triad of the The Black Hat, The White Hat and Gray Hatthe terms that designate the level of endangerment of the individuals who access computer systems without their owners, they are fully aware of that fact. They are the terms which open up the earlier discussions, polemics about the popular use of the color “black”, there is were used to designate the negative things, a topic that will not be taken into account here, in order to avoid loops and other directions for the reflection film, and cybernetics, buenos aires?

The The Black Hat this is what we call “the hacker’s evil, a stereotype very common in the productions, which have the internet as a space of ever-present danger. It is the focus of the Hackdirected by Michael Mann, a filmmaker who directed and guided by the script with Morgan Davis Foehl. They make robots, circumvent the algorithms and they can cause havoc, such as in the manipulation of reactor and other disasters, are addressed in the film in question, played by Chris Hemsworth. The Gray Hat is, as the name implies, gives us to understand, that it is in the middle position. In the case of the White Hat, we are the manipulators of the systems in which they act in a manner favourable to the order, so to speak, is directed by the laws and guidelines that, without compromising their ethics, etc.

These are not rigid concepts, by the way, but that’s a general idea so that you do not fall into the error of considering the attacker, in the shape of a character in the film, as an entity of evil for the destruction of others, etc. The malware, in fact, they are so-called crackers, are the true villains of the established order of society, figures of the rebels, that they act according to what we have come to call it terrorism. In general, all of them, from the good to the evil they carry in themselves the stereotypes that have already consolidated the industry, that is to say, people with social activities is reduced, and vain compared to what they produce, and they are capable of, the researchers hold, like with a craze for experimentation is a constant, isolated when it comes to the rules of the so-called institutions.

It is here we enter the story, directed by Michael Mann, in a film filled with the typical elements of a film. The use of CGI is kept to a minimum, and, when requested, to meet with the allegorical drama of the narrative without the need of disguise the flaws in the content, such as it happens constantly in movies-action online, is visually stunning, but it is often sterile, feb. A background analysis goes around the wires of the internet and into the internal space of your computer, on a visual journey of what it represents in the mode of operation of the software, and its collapse in the face of the actions of the perpetrator.

Thus, we are introduced to the title character: Nick Hathaway (Hemsworth), a man sentenced to 15 years in prison for committing crimes, violating the laws web. Things change when a piece of code that is created by it, right at the very beginning of your interactions on the internet are identified as on the actions of a hacker who has acted out against the system in a chinese factory, and has transformed the economy of the people involved in the chaos that is unprecedented. This is Chen Dawai (Archie Kao), who identifies the flaws in the investigation by the FBI, during the presentation of the report. As part of the process, it points out the problems that according to your opinion, and would not have been committed, not by the students, for the presence of a Nick in the solution. He sees himself in the situation of the real resolution of the problem, but it is also an alternative that your life and the lives of the detained person.

As well as: they are friends with each other, and in the last phase, the student developed the code together…. In view of the above, Shum asks you to Carol Barrett (Viola Davis), one of the orquestradoras of the investigation, the release of Nick’s negotiations. At first, the offer involves the release of a scheme in the prison during the investigation and resolution of the case. Be aware of your potential, then the prisoner will only agree to collaborate if you are down and to resolve the crisis, to have the sentence reduced. There is some difficulty and resistance, but the FBI doesn’t see another option. Henry Pollack (John Ortiz) takes over the role of the head of Barrett, questioning the decisions of the researcher, but always at the collaboration for the advancement of the process.

Hemsworth interprets them appropriately for a figure such as is often the case for the representation in fiction and media, it is the individual with the dedication to the process, which involves the function to recognize and to transform the inner workings of the program, and networks, with a view to seeking solutions to problems that involve very specific knowledge, which is dominated by a few, and therefore the value of trading in the market. In the event a hacker in Hemsworth, we have a man who negotiates your award you know the importance of the resolution of the case to different sectors of society, from the political to the economic, and not only in the United States, but in the context of the need in international relations surrounding the event for which it was convened.

Approval of the time by Jessup (Holt McCallany) He is the embodiment of the rebellion. It does not follow the orders of the manner in which they are established. Moving where it shouldn’t, shame Barrett, but then he approaches to the character, and acts so arrogant just because you know of its importance and what is at stake between the american and chinese people, as well as being involved in love with the sister of a friend, Chen Lien (Wei Tang), a relationship that now appears as the scatter, or the stresses that it can be a good thing for the character who wears the shirt of the stereotypical image of a nerd, but you can save yourself a closed-circuit way.

Interesting to see how the character is female, such as Carol Barrett, does not exploit the stereotypes of the feminine, fragile and unsuspecting. Women are strong in their internal dynamics in the development of the story, which comes out of the United States, and it reaches global proportions, while the investigation becomes more and more fierce, dangerous, and complicated in finding solutions. There is a damage that can’t be solved, and to you, dear reader, you’ve probably had an experience of cyber in this connection, even if it is by the way, the most simple of data loss, not recoverable by a virus. Those who have never? Get out of the prison, and to be a central part of the research on a topic that almost no one over and get back on all the technological apparatus in order to trigger the command, and interpreting issues that do not warrant the hacker to Hemsworth, the answers to which he hopes to find. The proposal of redemption, it can also make you a zombie.

To tell you the story, ” Michael Mann, a lot depends on the design of a production Guy Hendrix Dryas, careful in the details of the visual, the manager of art direction, set design, costumes and visual effects, condicentes in the field of cybernetics, the industry, which is in line with the choices of the cinematographer from Stuart Dryburgh, a professional, well-directed by a filmmaker who runs a production, a well-known for employing a visual style very own his films. There are constant traces of the iconographic system, the material is typical of films of that approach to cyberculture, in its development as well. The neon sign is an element in darker scenes, either alone, as a part of the darkness, which is in the intersection with the light beams that represent a society that is in constant connection.

Driven by the music, efficiently, and Harry Gregson-Williams Hack it will also work excellent in the sound industry that it lessens the dramatic effect of the story through its sound design in the course of 133 minutes in the narrative. The time is long, far too long prolonged arcs that would work better if it were more cost-effective. The feeling of the end of the movie a few times, which is something we were surprised to hear that in the production of resolve to continue on and to stretch out a little more with the situations, the second is harmful, but that does not demerit the quality of the production, and to discuss the politics, power plays, manipulation, news media, the impact of technology on the everyday lives of ordinary people and the powerful people, and among other approaches in the face to the reflection on cyberculture and society at large.

In addition, Hack it is a depiction full of the power of the giant only in the hands of only one person that the trigger to the enter key on your keyboard, it can wreak havoc in your seeking, in addition to the other reasons. That is, the power is in the hands of a few, something that would only be imagined in the culture, prior to the process of democratization and the popularization of the internet. Now to the revolution, and now trolls and the enemies of the government, the hackers have made a new way of managing your computer systems. Interesting, that is, the production shies away from the optimism that is common to the films that you want to put all the pieces in place and set up the order at the conclusion of their stories, with a view to let the audience quiet when you get out of the session. The choices available to them in Hack do not follow this simple way, complete demonstration of the presence of chronic health problems, and is a circular around the current Age of Information.

Hacker (Blackhat) – US, 2015
Michael Mann
Written by: Morgan Davis Foehl
The cast: Chris Hemsworth, Christian Borle, Courtney Wu, Danny Burstein, David Lee McKinney, Frank Cutler, Holt McCallany, Ivan Ngan, James Lim, Jason Butler Harner, Jeff Roncone, John Ortiz, Viola Davis, Wei Tang
Length: 133 min.