If the answer to the Trump, it was a slow…


Easter Sunday is a day of celebration for the relative, almost half of the world. There are people who don’t follow the judeo-christian tradition. But this is a leap year in the year 2020, and that it had a date of strange 20.02.2020), on the Thursday prior to the weekend of the Carnival, he could have avoided a large part of the world, was now, with his heart in his mouth without being able to get together with your loved ones. Those who have a responsibility to you, yours, and others, are keeping you waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel.

The american newspaper “The New York Times has brought the issue of the sabbath for an extensive report, produced by six experienced journalists, showing the president of the greatest nation in the world would have been able to prevent it in the United States (329 million people), to arrive at Easter morning with the leader of the registered cases (550 million) for the new coronavirus (Covid-19) and over 20,500 people dead, more than the Italy (20 thousand), and Spain (nearly 17 million), the countries with the 60-and 47 million people, respectively. It is worth noting that, in Brazil, 211 million, which has accumulated the 1,250 casualties, to France, and already has 14 thousand, the casualties, and the United Kingdom, the 1 one thousand, both with a population of 67 million people. Those who took action against the virus that emerged in China in December to bury their dead without being able to veil them.

The NYT is fixed on the front cover: “to The president, the Trump it took time to absorb the scale of the risk from the virus, and to act accordingly, with a focus on controlling the message and protecting the gains of the country’s economy.” The NYT notes that the first warning has been made in this country on the 28th of January, when the one developed a thick skin a medical advisor to the Department of Veterans Affairs, for Dr. Carter’s letter “b”, he warned in an e-mail to a group of public health experts scattered throughout the government, colleges, and universities. “The one size that is designed for the surge now seems hard to believe.”

A week after the first case of a Covid-19 have been identified in the united states (23.01), and for six long weeks before the president-the Trump (in the middle of march is finally taking aggressive steps to address the danger that the country was facing an epidemic, which is now expected to bring in tens of thousands of american lives – Dr. Ice says the NYT, has called on the senior levels of the bureaucracy and of public health in the country to wake up and get ready for the possibility of an action is much more dramatic.

Trump away, but a week later, he was informed at that time about a memo dated January 29, produced by its consultant, business; Peter Navarro, who explained the potential risks of a pandemic coronavirus: up to half a million deaths and billions of dollars in economic losses. Alerts, if you followed along in January.

The secretary of health and human services, Alex M. Azar II, said directly to the Trump about the possibility of a pandemic: during a call on the 30th of January, and the second notice which he sent to the president about it in a couple weeks. The president, who was on Air Force One while on his way to appearances in the mid-West, he responded that the Gambling was being alarmist.

To take part in the Economic Forum in Davos, switzerland, on the 21st of January, in Switzerland, and focused on the fire at the “scaremongering on the environment’, the young Swedish Greta Thunberg, and has played down the first reports of the Covid-as many as 19 in the United States, “It is just a few cases, it will soon reduce to zero,” he said, and he preferred to savor the triumph of the american war trade with China. At the end of January, it adopted the first measure to be taken narrowly: banned flights from countries such as China.

Gamble has publicly stated in February that the government was setting up a system of “surveillance” in five u.s. cities to measure the spread of the virus and to allow the expert to design the next hot-spots. It was postponed for a week. The slow start of the plan, in addition to the failures that are well documented in the development of the ability of the test to the country and left it to the officials of the government, with almost no understanding of how fast the virus was spreading. “We have been flying the plane without instruments,” he said with a authority.

Measures are far more drastic, were made in the months of January and February. The office of the National Security Council, responsible for the track you want to have received intelligence reports in early January, predicting that the spread of the virus in the United States, and in a few short weeks I was lifting up the options of how to keep the americans at home, on the job, and close to cities the size of Chicago.

In the third week of February, the 20.02.2020), the world’s leading experts in public health, the government have concluded that they should recommend it to Trump the new approach, which would include warning the american people about the risks, and to require measures such as social distancing, and staying home from work. But the White House has focused on the messages and the extra weeks are crucial if you have gone before you, their opinions would be accepted with reluctance by the president, at which time the virus has spread virtually unhindered.

The states that have made decisions in the front, as well as California, with less pollution, and the victims of the East Coast, including New York, Florida, and Louisiana. As Donald Trump would prevent such action until mid-march. The president’s jair bolsonaro has travelled in the meantime to meet with Trump at his private residence in the Sea, Lake, Florida. On the 4th day of the trip, from 7 to 11 march), the committee seemed to be oblivious to the risks. The Covid-19 has been largely ignored by advisers who surrounded him, Trump and the 52 accompanying the brazilian president, of whom at least 24 have returned that have been compromised, including the ministers of the Cabinet of Institutional Security, general Augusto Heleno, Mines and Energy, admiral Benedict, Albuquerque, new mexico, the state secretary of Social Communication of the Presidency, and He Wanjgarten, among others, as well as the mayor of Miami, and counsel to the Trump.

All of the plans, and the business discussed at the meetings, they were thrown into a corner now, with the recession and unemployment, have turned to the economies of the major countries of the world turned upside down. The calculations on the recession in the United States, speak for themselves: up to a 6% drop in GDP, and more than 30 million people. In France and in the european countries (except Germany), the decline in the gross domestic product is estimated to be between 4% and 7%. Depending on the duration of the return to “normality” (since only the 2nd half of the year), most of the main european countries, even the US and Japan have extended the social to be held in may into the.

In Brazil, in the face of such poor stats, and the old celebrations of the nearly 13 millions of people had become ‘entrepreneurs’ in the great depression of the 2015-16 brought about by the ex-brazilian president Dilma Rousseff was the “turning 30” as the drivers of Uber, the sellers of the quentinhas and, most recently, of the shippers of the Ifood”s life, there is a minimum of prepared to face the day, very hard, to come. Not being able to see the siblings, the grandchildren and the family on Sunday morning, with up to a lack of something small, in front of what is waiting for us.

At least, yesterday, during a visit to the field hospital which was inaugurated in the Waters of the Beautiful (GO), a partnership between the federal government and the state, the president, Jair, jair bolsonaro, received a lesson from the governor and the physician, Ronaldo Caiado (DEM). The president, by ignoring deliberately rejecting the protocols by the physician/health-care, going by repeating their appearances in the surrounding areas of Brasilia), when the Author – who has been an ally for the first time, jair bolsonaro, and she broke up with him for “the quality of the doctor not being able to receive holy communion, so it would be irresponsible”, he asked the president of the Republic, to go back and pay the alcohol in the gel, on the hands, so that they can be subjected to a performance at the end.

Unfortunately, the disrespect for the public and the programme of the protocol on the fight for the new coronavirus building’s other wishes to the offense more serious, in the office of the president.