Jamie Dornan defends Gal Gadot after the negative impact of the mobilization of


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In the middle of the month of march, Gal Gadot has posted a video on his Instagram where the actress is speaking about the quarantine, and the growing pandemic of Coronaviruses, and then he sang the song Imagine, by John Lennon, with the help of other people, to inspire his followers.

The content of viralizou on the internet, but it is not only in a positive way: some of the reviews stated that the celebrity should donate to help the fight against covid-19, rather than simply sing about a better world.

According to People magazine, one of the players present in the video, Jamie Dornan, Fifty Shades of Grey, has defended the intent of the ” no man’s land, in an interview on the podcast of comedian Shane Todd, Tea with Me.

During the conversation, as Jamie says, you know the one that led to the negative impact of the action. “I’m going to tell you what the problem was. I literally made my [vídeo] in the bathroom of my house. Clearly, some people had gone to their home away from home. There’s plenty of room at the bottom, many of the beautiful trees swaying in front of the ocean, this is kind of crazy. I was aware of it, regardless of when it was going to do this, you should make it look normal,” he said.