Justin Bieber and the uprising of the web, after being a show-off of their own wealth: “don’t feel bad,”


After a live-in Justin BieberKendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, the singer has been heavily criticized on social media. The live stream happened on Friday, and 10), where he was accompanied by his wife, Hailey.

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The trio talked about the plight of the people during the pandemic of the new coronaviruses. “A lot of people, obviously you are going through bad situations, and they look at us,” he reflected, ” it was Justin Bieber.

“You know, you’ve worked hard to get to where we are now, so we should not feel uncomfortable about it. But I do think that you just take the time to realize that there are people who are actually in bad situations is important,” he it’s continued to.

Kendall Jennerin turn, said: “We are so blessed. I have thought about it all the time”. On the web, and the trio have been accused of being a show-off of wealth, while the situation is complicated and that it is a pandemic.