Kim Kardashian donates a million dollars to those affected by the coronavirus


The tv star Kim Kardashian announced Friday that it will donate, through its textile company, a million dollars for the families affected by the coronavirus and will receive 20 % of the benefits to charities with the same purposes.

The initiative of the celebrity arrived at the time that indicated that will be put to the sale the original collection of apparel from his signature Skims, whose sales profits will be dedicated to “support mothers and children in need during this period.

On Thursday, U.s. authorities reported that 3 million people lost their jobs in the last week, after the health crisis by the coronavirus have been forced to paralyze the largest portion of businesses.

Previously, the brand Skims, founded by Kardashian, said on his website that would derive 20 % of its profits to the Program in Response to the Emergency COVID-19 of the platform, “Baby 2 Baby”.

Kylie Henner has also announced a donation millionaire against the Covid-19

For its part, the sister of Kardashian,
Kylie Jenner, donated another million dollars
for California hospitals to acquire medical supplies and equipment to tackle the increase in patients by the crisis of the coronavirus.

Also, the pop stars
Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande are sending money to some of his followers
who have lost their jobs because of the crisis of the coronavirus, according to spread by the same ‘fans’ on social networks with images of the revenues and conversations with the artists.

Two fans, Swift said that the singer sent them $ 3,000 after they publish in your blog that a had lost her job as a waitress by the closing of the business, something that would impair your ability to pay the bills.

For their part, Large would be following the same steps of Swift, and would have accessed web pages and forums where they interact with their followers, some of whom told stories of their financial problems.

Several followers said they received money from the same account after that Big read your messages, with donations that would go from 500 dollars up to 1500, depending on the severity of the situation.