Lady Gaga releases cover art for her new album, ‘Chromatica’ – 05/04/2020


Singer Lady Gaga has revealed on his social networks the cover of his sixth studio album “Chromatica”.

With the release of the album has been postponed indefinitely on account of a pandemic of a new coronavirus, and in the caption, the singer said that the album will come at the hands of his fans later this year.

On Instagram, Gaga has also revealed the design of the other formats in which the Chromatica will be released in CD, vinyl, in different colors and tape.

The fans have even tried to read the names of the bands in the image on the vinyl, but the words are blurry:

“Chromatica” is the debut album by Lady Gaga from the “Novel”, which was launched at the end of 2016. The only single released so far is “Stupid”, “Love”, the flagship of the work.

The success was immediate: the song was the best debut of the diva’s on the Billboard charts in 2011. The disk has 16 tracks, it promises to be a return to the singer of the pop producers, and a partnership in weight, and gender.