Love and Thunder, but the script was a fake


The director has left some fans to play around with the script of the hero, the next time the MCU is directed by him

Fans of the Marvel comics they are looking forward to seeing what the director of the Taika Waititi has up its sleeve for the upcoming fourth film, I, entitled I Love and Thunder. The director of the newly controlled on the basis of the fans angry by presenting a “road map”, saying that the The man in the Iron he was still alive. All the details are on the website CinemaBlend.

As many of you know, the death of the Tony Stark was a way of exciting the day of Robert Downey Jr. in the In the MCU. So, when you Waititipresented with a script based on the meeting of the hero with a I as described on the page during a live, on Instagram, to the surprise of the fans, in an immediate way.

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However, the audience more aware of the live, looked at it carefully, the scene described in the script and you saw that in the series it was nothing more than a joke:

[Em tradução livre] I: Tony ?! / Tony: Eaeeeeee!

Me: You’re back!

Tony: That’s right, baby!

Me: But what and how? I’ve seen you’re about to die.

Tony: Science. In addition to this, His it is in the back.

Me: The mother Frigga, no. So… Are we together again?

Tony: The brand new, brand new. It’s time to go. Everyone who died is coming back. And now we have revenge even more than before. From now on you shall be known as the… The Vingadoreres.

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After the live,Taika Waititiit still didn’t make any comment about the game, the fans, and the production of I Love and Thunderthat was the premiere, originally scheduled for the 18th of February, in the year 2022, due to the multi – coronavirus.