Manu Gavassi on the front of Your Lipa, and Anitta list of number-one Billboard


Manu Gavassi he was in 4th place in the list of the names of the The Social 50the Albumbecome the first brazilian artist to take up a position as high up on the list. This is to stop measuring the engagement of artists from around the world on social media. Previously, the record was Anitta, who arrived on the 7th.

BTS, EXO, and SEALERS to 127 will appear in the The Top 3 the list, which also has a Dua Lipa, Gusttavo Lima-e-The-Weeknd. Towards the end of the list, it appears that Jorge & Mateus, on the 23rd, Linda Thomas, at 27, Anitta, in the 34th place, and Father Fabio de Melo in the 37th. Check out the Top 10:

This is the first time that the artist is in the position of the record should be for the big move into the social networks of the artist-after the game with the highest number of votes in the Big Brother Brazil in the last few weeks. All in all, there were over 1.5 billion votes cast. Once you have entered in the program, the number of social networks, the artist, have positioned, and today’s harvest, more than 11.4 million followers and is one of my favorite of the reality shows.

Prior to entering the program, the Maintenance has ceased for a range of content to engage fans in polls, or just to update your social networks. The clip is the latest from the artist “Sound ways”it was released when I was in confinement, and has over 4 million views.

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