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The power of decision over life and death to be represented in the film the heris da Marvel comics The eternal (long-awaited debut on the February 13, 2021) at at at at at the the struggle for sobrevivncia in the desert, the park features the new esperadssima adaptao for the movie Dunemovie due at the end of the year 2020, the road to the cinfilos see on the big screen for their highly anticipated blockbusters, promises to be, in addition to the uncertain and unconventional. Movies with the debut delayed and timing is nothing lquidos, and some only a few of the consequncias of the global pandemic that has invaded our reality.

Among ttulos the most anticipated of the year 2020, 007 and the time to die, will bring the fifth, and the last appearance of Daniel Craig as the spy, which, for the rest, the paradisaca Jamaica, and be directed to the mission’s extra-unexpected. According to an announcement, the date of the premiere of the film on the 19th of November. The less luck you have had Minions 2: The rise of the group-widej, which had to be postponed because of the are the of-the-art production company for the feature, the Illumination, it is located in France taken by the circumstances dire.
Among the features that you have left on the schedule, the lanamento 2020 est Fast and the furious 9. The condio uncertainty abraou still, the terror, performed on the basis of a telessrie cool of the 1970’s — The island of fantasywithout the date of the actual lanamento. But it’s not all so lamrias, and some of the personalities on the big screen j the guarantee of presence on the list, you should see a: in the case of Tom Cruise and his Top Gun: which time he returned, 30 years old, and is still on active duty, flying in and adjusting to new technologies, linked to the u.s. Navy. The film is set to debut on the 23rd of December, just six months after it’s initial run. In August (the 8th) will be the time for Wonder Woman to come back to shine on the big screen, as the date is set to the solo flight of the Scarlett Johansson in a Live Dark 6, nov. Giving below the details of some of the candidates for the new, either with or without the date of the premiere is confirmed.

Troll 2

• Led by the duo of David P. Smith, Walt Dohrn, a animao has had its premiere delayed to the 8th of October. In the position of a liderana of the trolls, Beta and absorbs the impact of a new feature: the existence of other worlds, which are governed by gneros music different from one another. The popularity in each of the habitats, is achieved on the variety, ranging from rock to funk, passing through the works clssicas, and state, the right is still in the country.

Turma da Mnica: Lies

• In a press release on the prvia’s expectations of the long-Lies, the creator of the The Gang Mnica Mauricio de Sousa is a choir with a populao mundial: “As all of the fs in the gang, in the look forward to come December, 2020 (the date of the premiere of the film”. The new plot was developed for the Lies, out characters go to the infncia, to the adolescncia and have to repair a mistake made in the context of the school.


• Disney has issued a press release that, esperanosamente, we will get you back on the superproduo rock climbing to the schedule of lanamentos by 2020. On the 24th of July. Given the premise of the feature is derived from the animao very successful in 1998, both the content and the timing has proved inadequate: set in China, shows a character taking a seat in the obligations of a father, the sick, and the elderly.

Ghostbusters: the More we are

• * * The new date for the film, the 8th of march 2021. The mixture of horror and comedy, the new production — under the direction of Jason Reitman — promises to transpose to the big screen in the gnese family-friendly behind-the-scenes of the superproduo: Jason ningum the least of which is the son of the director of the overwhelming success of the 1984 The Falling Ghost (to the film), Ivan Reitman, in addition to major names such as Bill Murray.
(photo: DC Entertainment/Releases
(photo: DC Entertainment/Divulgao)

Wonder Woman 1984

• * * A jump into the plot of the first adventure, in the mozambique girl whose movie, 2017, will earn more than$ 820 milhes, and the sum of the viles: well, the situation for the Woman, the Wonder in 1984, and is expected to make his debut on the 13th of August. With the same director, Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot is back in the role of Diana, which would have as opponents for the characters, and Kristen Wiig, and Pedro Pascal, respectively, for the aggressive Woman, the Leopard, and the persuasive to Maxwell Lord.

Vivid Black — November 6,

• All of the long-promise: the hotel is responsible, the australian Cate Shortland (Lore and A sndrome de to Berlin), and the screenwriter, Eric Pearson, (Godzilla vs. Kong and “Thor: Ragnarokand, of course, there is the factor of Scarlett Johansson as the main character. With a sense for conduct”, Johansson told press, uk, recently, the Marvel universe will never be content to deliver to the fs on a film, the player, against the murderers”.

Free guy: Taking control — On the 3rd of December

• With Ryan Reynolds ‘ return to the big screen, in the skin of a bank teller caught off guard with the percepo you live in a big away game. We are the producer, the host Stranger things, and the director of this film, Shawn Levy, will always be remembered by the host of the movie night at the museum. Another great attraction to the public is in the presence in the cast of Taika Waititi, is very popular as both a director and an actor in Well with the real world.

King’s Man: The rise — September 17,

• the front side of the first two movies are coming to a comic book focusing on the intelligence, and the director, Matthew Vaughn, between 2014 and 2017, it has capitalized on the box office in the world to the tune of$ 900 milhes. The new, long, Vaughn was on hand for the stars, Ralph Fiennes and Matthew Goode, and to tell a story in which the figures of tyrannical in all ages of mankind renem with a hand to wipe out a good portion of humanity on the Earth.

The Jungle Cruise — July 2021

• In a tone of the supernatural pull of the promised success of the Spanish director Jaume Collet-Serra, with Dwayne Johnson, and Emily Blunt in its cast. each of the healing powers that came from the forest, the teams set off to the imensido green, full of dangers, inimaginveis. The past 17 years, since the adaptao a proposal for a Pirates of the Caribbean one of the attractions of the park, from the g to the a Disney, the frmula re-applied.

All year round: Part two — On the 3rd of September

• By 2018, US$ 341 milhes of the net income for the third feature to be signed by John Krasinski (actor, the host The office): It’s a quiet place. The climate of terror that prevails in the continuao, once again, led by the wife of the film’s star, Emily Blunt. In a sinister atmosphere, there is a risk at all, and, any emission of the sound made by a family-Us in the world of hp-apocalptico, in which v is only one of the most feared creatures.