Nova Friburgo is in Focus, Cinema In Focus: new Releases from the Cinema to your home in quarantine


The movie theaters are still closed, the sale and rental of films, such as, for example, in the Google store, and the Youtube video, they decided to pre-empt the premiere and they come with the good news, and options for the public at large. This week, I’m going to indicate that 8 is a good release, but keep an eye on the prices, which tend to vary a lot from one day to the next. Let’s get to the tips.

The life of the invisible
Melodrama, mysterious, based on the book, on the Eurydice Gusmao, the film is a work that is necessary, and is developed with a pulse strong, for a filmmaker Karim Aïnouz. It is a cry against the patriarchy of the 40s and a still deep-rooted in today’s world.

– The Story
The events on the FOX News channel, which resulted in the downfall of the powerful as Roger Ailes is in the u.s., as the case may be, involving the family, Richthofen is in the world. In the movie it’s because of the quality of interpretations, especially for Charlize Theron, John Lithgow, and the relevance of the subject matter.

It’s the return of harley quinn, are now emancipated from the Wild, and if you join forces with other powerful, in order to form a group for the defence of Gotham City. The valley by the action of the body of the, Margot Robbie, and the approach is fun, playful and colorful, that’s the narrative he constructs.

The Lighthouse
Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe, the film’s search for an aesthetic that is reminiscent of the Italian cinema of the 70’s, and it creates an experience for the eccentric and uncanny. Robert Eggers makes an artistic piece of work, and can cause a sense of strangeness, and ends with a big puzzle. A great film, but it’s not going to appeal to all of you!

– Cute Women
The story of one of the classics of literature, which was surprised by the quality of the production, and the additions that have been made. The beautiful and the universal, Greta Gerwig hits the hand and telling a story of triumph and courage, and without resort to easy exits. Good for the whole family, and serves as an inspiration for the present situation.

– The parasite
Biggest winner of the Oscar for 2020, a film by Bong Joon-ho needs no introduction. For those of you who haven’t seen it, this is not a hint of gold. I highly recommend that you, at the end of the movie, there is a survey to aid in the understanding and in the world. Pay attention to the colors and the light, which is strongly used by the productions in asia, such as, for example, the green line (the disease) that is prevalent in the basement.

My Mom is in a play 3: The Movie
I must confess that I have struggled to get to the ending, many parts of it don’t make no sense at all, but Paulo Gustavo, pleased at the talent and intensity. It may be a good option to watch with the family and have a great time and to show it at the end.

Between the Knives, and the Secrets
The mysterious and ironic, the movie was a pleasant surprise, and reminiscent of the best novels of the crime and the investigation. The cast is the main attraction, and the script witty, it manages to highlight the qualities of the characters, as well as the twists and turns a certain time a solution is coming.