One Love, a Thousand Marriages, and to the other 9 films, with a wedding in chaos – News of the cinema


Because it is not all about romance, there are weddings in the housing sector.

The dress, the bouquet, the veil, the wreath, and a lot of confusion. The wedding gifts in the romantic comedies are usually filled with a certain chaotic energy, it is because of the one of the bride and groom want to give up, to have a guest tries to spoil the celebration, an old love from the past returns, or the sisters resolve to fight for some reason.

For this reason, the AdoroCinema he decided to recall ten of the best movies that have weddings, the busy as a single parent. What’s your favorite?

A Love Of A Thousand Weddings

Comedy, romantic, starry, for, Sam Claflin, and are always welcome to join us! In A Love, and a Thousand Weddings, and a Jack (Claflin) to revive the different versions of the same day, as they try to work around any situations that may disrupt the marriage of Williams (Eleanor Tomlinson), her younger sister. In addition to dealing with an ex-girlfriend and a potential future romance-it is still needs to to avoid that that one enters with a secret, spoil the whole party. If you are curious to see how all this confusion is going to take place, the movie, comes to Netflix on April 10.

Mission is the Godmother of the Wedding

Even though more comedy than romance, missions of the Godmother of the Wedding could not be left out of the list. The film follows the misadventures of Annie (Kristen Wiig), a woman with financial problems and a romantic who accepted the offer to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of Lillian (Maya Rudolph), her best friend. But with all of the hype to help you organise the ceremony and the other events of the pre-sets are going down, and when she meets Helen (Rose Byrne), a new friend, a perfect Meeting. From then on, the two go to the play with the tooth-and-nail for the attention of the bride.

The Wedding of My Best Friend

One of the classic romantic comedies of the 90’s, The Wedding of My Best Friend, tells the story of Julianne (Julia Roberts) e Michael (Dermot Mulroney), who have combined to transform the friendship into a marriage, if they were still unmarried at the age of 28. When he decides to marry his girlfriend (Cameron Diaz), and he invites Julianne to be his godmother, she discovers that he is in love with him, but he accepts the ball with a plan in order to prevent the event from happening, and, as well, to try to win you over.

Dressed Up To Get Married

This is the story of a woman that was once my organized of their own accord for twenty-seven weddings to be different. The protagonist of a dress To get Married, the romantic, the Jane’s (Katherine Heigl) has dedicated his life to the happiness of others, but ended up forgetting their own. When I finally found the courage to make a statement to George (Edward Burns), his or her head, it was already too late: he and his younger sister, Tess (Malin Akerman) are in love. Now, to organize the wedding ceremony of the two won’t be an easy task.

Marriage To A Greek

At the Wedding, a Greek, who has won to the stream, Toula Portokalos (Nia Vardalos) is a young woman of the ascendancy of the Greek, who works in the family restaurant. The biggest dream of her father to see her married to a Greek, but he ends up falling in love for the English language, Ian Miller (John Corbett). The two start dating in secret, but are soon discovered and the young man goes into a true “race” to suit the traditions and culture of the bride.

Brides War

Two best friends from childhood, have planned their weddings to the smallest of details in life, until they decided that both of these events will take place in the same location. History is nice, isn’t he? This is where you are wrong! In the Brides in the War, and in the preparation of the record of Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Liv (Kate Hudson) runs very well, until they find out that they scored with their weddings for the same day at the standard Hotel’s Plaza. Since that day, and then friends, they become rivals, and try everything to sabotage the party from the other.

The Father of the Bride

George (Steve Martin) learns that his daughter Annie (Kimberly Williams) and her boyfriend, engaged to be married, now having a crisis of jealousy. Determined to make her give up the idea, and don’t get out of the house, and The Father of the Bride to create the most outrageous to get in the way of the combination of the two, up until the day of the wedding.

The Best Friend of the Bride

The Best Friend of the Bride to marry never has been in the plans for Tom (Patrick Dempsey), a man who tends not to get involved emotionally with anyone else. But that all changes when Hannah (Michelle Monaghan), his best friend, he travels to work in Scotland, and he realizes that he has always been in love with her. He decided to declare, Tom, just don’t expect your loved one to come back to the house, the marriage is marked with Colin (Kevin McKidd), a duke of scotland. He then agrees to be the “godmother” of the Warren, only to try to prevent the ceremony from happening.

The Wedding of my Dreams

Prior to the Meeting of Love (2002), Jennifer Lopez has starred in another romantic comedy: The Wedding of My Dreams. In the story, she plays Mary Fiore, an organizer of the wedding to be successful. After you have suffered a minor accident and if you fall in love with Steve (Matthew McConaughey), the man who had helped her, and she finds out that he is the fiancé of one of the ceremonies that are planned. As you continue in your line of work, if the man who is in love with one of your clients?

The Wedding of the Year

Engaged to be married to Missy (Amanda Seyfried) at the Wedding of The Year, Alejandro (Ben Barnes) is delighted with the news that his birth mother will come to the ceremony. The only problem is that she is one of the catholic faithful, will never accept the divorce of his adoptive parents, Don (Robert De Niro) and Ellie (Diane Keaton). For this reason, he asks the two to pretend to be a married couple. But, as the day of the wedding, a lot of confusion still catch me off guard.