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The likes of Nina Simone, is among the artists who performed at the Montreux

The likes of Nina Simone, is among the artists who appeared at Montreux (Photo: Handout)

In a year when the music stopped, listening to live music, a seemingly unheard of, that not only the Second world War, caused the companies to follow, opening up their archives for free. Now, the company is joining in the spirit of everyone in the house is the hallmark of the Montreux Jazz Festival, which first began to appear on the DVD, in the year 2000, with lots of performances, which began at the legendary festival founded by Claude’s Puppies within the united kingdom. There are 35 titles in all, with the names at the top of the jazz, blues, pop, rock, and pop music created in from that of the United States of america. Designed to be a benchmark in jazz, in 1967, the Montreux opened slowly the door to other types as well that his company began to grow.

Those who are interested in watching the shows, and all of them are well written, and showing off the artists-in moments of the sublime, it is not always at the top, but you never believed, you only need to go through a fast path, to access the platform, Stingray (to go right, just go into the stin and use the code FREEMJF1M. There are many shows to subscribers, but it is up to the Montreux Jazz Festival in lupinha that it is the paradise if you will. Marvin Gaye in the 1980’s, James Brown, in the same year, Quincy Jones, the two times, in 1996, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary celebrated with a special in 2008, Nina Simone, the iconic 1976; Etta James-pre-bariatric surgery, with its more than 200-pounds-of-power-voice of Ray Charles, in 1997; and the headliner, Albert Collins, and in 1992, Carlos Santana, the 2004 and 2011, and the rap group Wu-Tang Clan (2008) and the Phil Collins-two times, in 2004 with a big bang, in 1996, not to mention the participation to the celebration of Quincy Jones ‘ singing a couple of songs. And the list can go a long way, a Johnny Cash, Patti Smith, Jethro Tull, Youssou N’dour, Alanis Morissette. Even though the Puppies and open up a night of television, all supported by what passed, Elis Regina, doing a duet of the history, with Hermeto Pascoal, in 1979, and seeing the rise of the fake news of the alagoas tried to take her bending, the harmony of the song, up to the limit of the bearable, Gilberto Gil, Ivan Lins, and It’s the Tchan in 1997, there is no information on the catalogue of the brazilian-released in this wave.

Nina Simone was the stage of Montreux, in a difficult year for her, in 1976. His marriage was in shambles, and their nerves harassed by a disorder of the bipolar disorder diagnosed too late. She was missing out on everything, love, friends, and clients, but Claude’s Puppies trusted that from there would come out with a great performance, the more unpredictable it could be, and you took a risk. She took to the stage, and, as soon as their greeting was used in a scene that is ultimately used in the film Anna and the documentary “What Happened, Miss Simone?, both of which are on Netflix. She bows before the applause, and it is in the same position for too long. If you get up, look at those eyes, huge and filled with some anger, that she alone knew where, and went to the piano and begins to play The Little Blue Girl with a faltering voice, that takes shape over time. Backlash Blues it is great and I Wish I Knew it shows the film the blues, that she forgot the side stand to the side of the impetus of the baroque, the remains of where I wanted to be the first performer to black in the United States, something that is a fail for entry to the Juilliard School does not allow it.


Ray Charles, comes with an all-in-1997. With a huge smile, a stylish suit, and a job with the big players in north america, led by sax player Al Jackson. The 67-year-old, his voice is steady, his hands fast and his timing, do I need to in spite of all the heroin consumed in the early 60’s. The stage is full, and the right to the four women, who were backing the ordinance of baptism since a long time, such as The Raelettes, it I Can’t Stop Loving You, Song For You, Busted, The Mississippi Mud. Even if you emocionava as if you had just written Georgia on My Mind and if it was burning up when he called his girls to do it What d I Saytheir biggest counter-attack on the empire, the rock, the british in the 1960’s. More than any other song up to that Hit The Road Jackwhich, curiously, is not on the show What d I Say it was their most overwhelming.

Quincy Jones is an institution, one of the first ones to cross of the song, the sheet music on the radio. The musicians, for the love of the audience as well. In his first stint, in 1996, he was director of the work itself, and in the face of a band, with Steve Ferrone on drums and Greg Phillinganes on keyboards. Patti Austin, one of your singers and your favorite sing Lostand Phil Collins, even though it’s not your thing, Do Nothing Till Your Hear From Me. In the second, the show is a celebration of the 75th anniversary. If you can only attend to a single track, choose the Miss Celie”s Bluesa duet of the high-frequency range are full of body and volume, Chaka Khan, the idea has never runaway from Patti Austin. Just a few minutes, and your day will be saved.

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