Quibi, the new streaming service for short videos is no longer available


On Monday (06), and the world has gained a new platform of streaming. It is Quibi, whose name is derived from “Quick Bytes, that is,” bitten by the fast’. The basic premise of this deck is basically to provide short video clips, with a maximum of ten minutes to complete. You know when you’re traveling through the city between home and work, on the bus, on the train, in the subway? This is where the Quibi comes in.

The platform is does it only work on the app, and it currently has 24 productions, in the release, including a series of fiction, shows, skits, and even the news. The expectation, however, is that by the end of April, that the quantity of products to achieve the double. All of the episodes are ten minutes or less, and can be seen with a mobile phone in the vertical and in the horizontal direction.

In Brazil, it is also possible to download the app, but there’s no subtitle in Portuguese. In any case, the service can be signed off by the users Android and iPhone (iOS).

Quibi: a new platform of streaming carries the content of the short-term

In partnership with the leading media and entertainment companies in the United States, and the Quibi has raised US$ 1.75 billion, (approximately$ 8,75 million) in investment from companies such as Sony Pictures, Disney, Warner brothers, and Alibaba. In its first year, is made up of at least 175 of the original production, for a total of approximately 8,500 episodes.

The content varies in in between to reset the password for reality tv shows, such as Punk’dof the YEAR, and it can be a bit too similar to the one seen in the YouTube video. Names such as Reese Witherspoon, Idris Elba, Liam Hemsworth, Sophie Turner, and James are all present on the platform, which is in the first few months, it provides a free, but then charge you a monthly fee of$ 4.99 ($26 on average), with ads,$ 7.99 ($40) without any notice no. The amount of the subscription for it here in Brazil is R$ 32,90 / month.