Roger Federer launches the challenge of a running shoes for her


In the news

It is a fact or an event-of-interest journalism. It may be a new or recent one. It is also about the novelty of a situation that has already been well-known.

The article

The text is predominantly opinion. It expresses the views only of the author, but it is not necessarily the opinion of the newspaper. It may be written by journalists or experts in various areas.


The story, which brings to the fore facts and episodes is unknown, with a high content of the report. It requires technical and specific.


It is the interpretation of the story, taking into account the information that you are going to in addition to the facts presented. Make use of the data, it has consequences, and the projections of the scene, as well as the contexts of the past.


The text contents, which reflects the official position of the vehicle with respect to the facts presented.


This is the subject of an institute, which deals with the subject of the interest of the company that is sponsoring the work.

Check the facts

The content that is the verification of the truthfulness and authenticity of a piece of information or fact is disclosed.

The context of

It is a matter that will inform, historical data, and relevant information to assist in the understanding of a fact or piece of news.


The story of the wind, which discusses, in depth, the various aspects and outcomes of a particular subject. Manager, statistics, and historical context, in addition to the stories of the characters who are affected by, or have a direct bearing on the subject matter.

The interview

The approach on the subject, in which the theme is presented in the form of questions and answers. Another way to publish the interview through the topics, the answer of the respondent is reproduced in quotation marks.

The critical

The text, with detailed analysis and its opinion with respect to the products, services and their works of art, in a variety of fields, such as literature, music, theater, and visual arts.