The artist of Marvel comics, is a poster tribute to Robert Downey Jr


The cover of the Publication

Perhaps the greatest player in the The Cinematographic universe of Marvel comics (UCM), and the The man in the Iron he had great moments in cinema, a lot of that is thanks to the actions of the Robert Downey Jr.the highest is 55 years of age on the last day of the 4. The actor has won as a gift for anniversary is a memorable one.

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In your profile Instagramthe artist Ryan Meinerdingwho is the head of visual development Marvel Studiospublished work of art depicting the great moments of the The man in the Iron in the cinemas, with the character of the Robert Downey Jr. at the center, referring to the final scene of the The Avengers: Ultimatum. Take a look at the sensational work of the Meinerding:

In addition to the point in the film and the publication of details of the art, with scenes of striking The man in the Ironas for the fight with the Hulk in the The avengers: Age of Ultronthe final battle against Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War and with your encounter, head-to-head with Thanos in the The Avengers: Infinite Warjust to name a few.

Originally, the art was disclosed to the Disney’s D23 in 2019, but it was only available to those who attended the event. Other arts, such as the matches of the Ryan Meinerding it can be viewed in the profile Instagram.

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