The artist of Marvel comics publishes the designs for the new uniform of the Black Widow

The cover of the Publication

The Black Widow it ended up being one of the films that ended up having its premiere delayed in the course of the pandemic, the COVID-19), the coronavirus. While the fans are still advised to not go out of the house (except in specific cases, it is always good to point out, artists in all over the world are creating and promoting new content to entertain the audience during the quarantine, including the Andy Parkwho worked on the film for our heroine.

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Park, who is the director of the visual development of the Marvel Studioshe published it in his Instagramimages of a possible costume for the character of Scarlett Johansson for the film, as part of its video for Marvel Studios’ VisDev Art School School-of-the-Art for Visual Development at Marvel Studios, in a free translation).

The pictures available in the gallery at the end of the article, to show the The Black Widow with a new look and feel, even in a black-and-white, but they show the different lines in the uniform of a character, it is not seen in other designs in other films, the spy in the Russian.

The Black Widow released in movie theaters on November 6th of this year. Other images and artworks of the artist are in Instagramand the video sound are accessible on the current channel at the YouTube.

And, as promised, here’s the gallery: