The governor of new york is contrary to the Trump, and encourages them to quarantine: ‘it’s Going to save lives’ – 08/04/2020


The New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, disagreed with the president, Donald Trump, and he’s used Twitter to launch a new campaign that encourages new yorkers to remain in their houses during the crisis of the coronavirus.

In the post, it appears in the pictures on the side of the mother, the King, and said that it complies with the quarantine, because he wants to protect her.

“The best way to prevent the spread of the covid-19 is staying in the house. It will save lives. I want to protect my mother, She is,” wrote Cuomo.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, and the president, Donald Trump has said more than once that the United States would weaken the insulation, and that the americans could get back to work.

The campaign, #IStayHomeFor (“I’m in the house”, in other words, on the other hand, it asks the citizens to stay at home, and share on social networking sites, for those who are in compliance with the host state.

In the same tweet, Cuomo “has challenged” the singer Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé, and the baseball player Alex Rodriguez, to share whom they are in a home away from home during a crisis-and coronaviruses.

New York city is considered the epicenter of the coronavirus in the us at the moment, the state has had 141.100 people who covid-19, and 6.268 deaths as a result of the disease.