The loneliness, the anguish, and the desire to get mixed up in the song “the Absurd and the Dawn” in the song Savio


“The absurd and the Dawn” is the 4th single off of the Savio, with a backdrop of the intimate and the obscure, where it touches directly on issues that go through their daily lives.

According to the report, is a producer and a rapper that was born in the city of Macaé, in rio de janeiro. He began as a farmer of the planet MARS, taking the first mixtape (lyrics/beats), which earned her awards and participations in festivals, for music. After the end of the group, went solo.

The music is divided into two parts: instrumental and rimada. The first one is exploited, and samples as well. It is thought that the Ball and Trunk, for example, is the result of a survey of a sample of funk mixed in to the trap. The music rimadas appear in themes, such as loneliness, grief (Race), gender (Girl, Naughty, Photo, and your own rap song. The sound of the beats can be described as lush and atmospheric.

The absurd and the Dawn is the 4th single, and it shows in an intimate setting, and the dark where it touched directly on issues that go through their daily lives. In the city, with the women, and the quest for space and the desire to mingle with the thoughts and events in the early morning hours. Composed, produced, mixed, and mastered by the artist himself, the Absurd and the Dawn marks a new stage in which the production becomes more and more solid.

Still in the process of assembling, upcoming releases include an EP, an instrumental focused exclusively on samples of brazilian music, and a series of singles that will continue to explore the trap.

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