The many faces of Jesus in cinema


The holiday of Easter within the christian faith, it represents the re-birth. A new chance to be good, as it marks the resurrection of Jesus three days after he was crucified on Calvary. As a character in the bible, Jesus christ has been portrayed countless times on her way to the visceral, respectful, law, or even satirical. We have gathered in this area, some of the versions of Jesus the Christ in the cinemas.

Mr Heater

Not bad for a movie from 1925, and is based on the novel Ben-Hur: The Story of Christ, the historical version of the Ben-Hur it is an epic, unprecedented enfileirou impressive 11 of the statues of the Oscar’s in the 1960’s, and the biggest winner of the awards (along with The Titanic and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kingboth also page 11). The film was the most expensive of the season, and told the story of prince Judah Ben-Hur, who is condemned to be a slave. In its path, Ben-Hur becomes a slave, frees the slaves, becomes the champion of the race of the chariot, and returns to the house, he suffers a serious stroke, if you come in the race the chariot of the legendary, and is looking for help for the one who loves, and ends up witnessing the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is a filmaço with the most high label of quality. In this version, Jesus is present among us by the Mr Heater.

Willem DafoeDirected by the legendary Martin Scorsese, The Last Temptation of Christ it is one of the film’s most controversial issues in the history of cinema. Based on the homonymous book from the 50’s, the story shows Jesus as a figure in an extremely human, full of fears, doubts, and subject to temptation. Jesus, the Christ, lived by the eccentric, Willem Dafoe, then it gets a bias, a revolutionary, and even the subject of a counter to certain expectations of God, and how to keep clean. The film has not been accepted by the christian community as a company that has made a heavy boycott in the works.

Christian BaleThe Batman of the three Christopher Nolan it has been shown to be an a-list actor ridiculously versatile, becoming famous for his transformations of the physical amazing. In Mary, the Mother of Jesus.a movie made for TV, and we see the story of Jesus Christ through the eyes of his mother, Maria, a 16-year-old who is seen pregnant with the messiah. In this drama, He is living for Jesus, and reminds them of the time the importance of Mary in the story of the son of God.

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Will Ferrell
Superstar: Drops A Star it is far from being a good comedy, and even further from being a good movie. Based on a sketch of the Saturday Night Livethe long end of the pocket, Mary, a student at a catholic school, you dream of finding your place in the class and become a movie star. Your family members support the decision, but was influenced by Jesus christ, theWill Ferrell) in a vision, and it is a test for you to try to be an extra in Hollywood.

Mauricio GonçalvesMasterpieces of literature and cinema, the national O Auto da Compadecida it’s one of those movies that when you’re on TV, you stop what you were doing, take it one more time and play just as if you were watching it for the first time. It is a work that shows the harsh life of the outback in the northeast region by the view of the criminal Chicó and João Grilo. At the climax of the film, John and his well-known, are judged by Jesus Christ, god, Satan, and Mary. As interpreted by the Mauricio Gonçalvesthis is the only one Jesus in the black list. The fact that it pays to play in the John’s Call in the story.

Jim CaviezelDirected by Mel Gibson, The Passion of the Christ it is a film that is extremely violent, all is spoken in the Hebrew, it shows the last 12 hours of the life of Jesus Christ, played brilliantly by the Jim Caviezel. This is a feature that will appeal to some people, and also to the fans of the movie gore. The scenes of lovers in a show of how much Jesus suffered both physically and mentally, in his last days. It is quite sad and graphic, and is not recommended for those of you who don’t have a strong stomach.

Liam NeesonThis one is controversial, but I thought it was pertinent to get on the list to be a representation of the beautiful. In The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the wardrobethe Lion, Aslan, is a massive, wise, powerful, understanding, humble, and fair. The son of the Emperor-over-the-sea, Aslan is a symbol of Jesus Christ (if there is any doubt at all, remember his death and resurrection on the Stone Table, on which he gives himself in order for his people to have a chance to make a living, and goes through many humiliations before he was killed). However, the author of the work, – C. S. Lewis – a committed christian – has gone above and beyond. He was never told that Aslan was an allegory for Jesus, as we know it, but the Lion would be the Jesus, the Christ of Narnia. The film, distributed by Disney, Aslan has been given by the Liam Neeson.

Ewan McGregor

You have probably seen and laughed at this picture on some social networking in the last decade

A constant source of memes on the internet of the 10’s, the visual of him, Obi-Wan Kenobi was surrendered there because his grandparents praying to the image of Ewan McGregor, who, let’s face it, it just seemed like the eurocentric vision of Jesus Christ. However, in 2015, the dream of seeing the scene where, as Jesus, came in the FILMAÇO The last Days in the Desertthat is a real psychological analysis of Jesus and Satan, during the temptation in the 40 days in which the Messiah went into the wilderness, as he reflected on the reason for the Creation. It’s one that humanizes its characters, especially the devil, who comes to ares for the humanists, as Jesus is passing through tough times as it tries to defend a family in the wilderness, and to resist the temptation, and inquiries in regard to his father, God.

One of the questions asked at the time of the launch: “it is Ewan McGregor was ‘Jesus’, as Obi-Wan, or Christ-like?

Rodrigo SantoroThe unnecessary remake of the film, 2016 at the classic and immortal Ben-Hurthe brazilian Rodrigo Santoro has been cast in Jesus Christ. The plot is the same as that of the classic in 1959, which continues today as the most-capped player in the Series. With all of that weight in the back, there is the question of how someone adopted this story, even more so with the film, aged as well as you.

Joaquin PhoenixIn the drama, 2018 Mary Magdalenethe versatile – and now it’s Oscarizado – Joaquin Phoenix he interprets Jesus Christ. The film tells the story of the controversial Mary Magdalene (Rooney Mara) on your way from Jesus, and the effects that it caused on the apostles, and that it is not accepted as well as the Messiah.

Honorable Mention: Mom!A controversial as one of the few films in recent Mother. it’s one of those horror movies, the most angst-ridden and pretentious in the last few years. Directed by Jennifer Lawrencelife brings a great deal of allegory, biblical, along with the conflicted relationship between a Mother’s NatureLawrenceand GodJavier Bardem). The direction of the show at the peak of the fall on the relationship between the two of them, culminating in one of the scenes of the most vicious and visually impressive of the last decade. After the baby of the two, which in theory, would be that Jesus was born, the fans of God, who is depicted as a great artist, into the house, destroying it and making a mess of everything, and as a Parent you try to protect yourself, your baby and your home. However, the artist is the delivery of the baby to their fans, and they break it all and start eating it in front of his Mother, who comes into the world. Just as Jesus, the baby, has been delivered to mankind, which is not dealt with in a fair manner. Feeding off of the blood and the body of the son of God, they are worshiping the artist and is destroying the Mother earth. It is a film that really heavy, and suffocating, but it’s full of life, fascinating to those who study the bible.