The new series, Sophie Turner is more of a view from the new deck


The star of ” Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner, and is waiting for his new drama to Survive, it has to debut on a new platform for streaming on Quibi, you can help those who struggle with depression and anxiety during the quarantine, for the coronavirus.

In another century’s episode she plays a woman with mental illness, who is fighting for his life after a plane crash.

The series just debuted on a new platform, and it instantly became one of the biggest successes of the network, with its first section of 8 minutes.

“I hope that people will feel less alone when you watch it,” he said in a recent interview with the website Popsugar. “I hope that’s the story of a young woman who finds something to live for, help others to find the ability to do so as well,” he said.

Her character, Jane, you need to rethink your future plans to end his life on his way home, as I was leaving a rehabilitation facility, they move on after a plane crash, leaving her and the other passenger, played by Corey Hawkins on their own.

“What attracted me to the script that is in the way, so you need to talk about mental illness, and, in my opinion. I also like the idea that this was a woman who wanted to die, and she ends up fighting for a life I’ve never wanted to live in, in the first place. The more specific we are when describing the mental illnesses in movies and on television, more and more people will be helped,” he says.

The new platform, Quibi is focused on high-quality content for a new generation, telling a story in chapters of 10 minutes or less. The word on Quibi is an acronym for ‘quick bites’ – as a ‘healer’s fast track.

The app is available for android and iOS devices. The streaming service is currently offering a free 90-day trial for those who sign up for the prior to the 30th day of April.