The photo of Kim Kardashian riding a bike (and backs): beware of the size!


February 21, 2020
(14:50 CET)

Two days ago the presenter of the mexican Yanet Garcia, who had been compared with Kim Kardashian at some point, showed an outfit spectacular with a bikini and a clothes rack to go on a bike ride on their vacation.

The images of the girl from the climate of Mexico, who is now trying to gain a foothold in the television of the united States, have been a real boom and it seems that Kim Kardashianwho is aware of all the trends that are on Instagram wanted to take advantage of this new trend.

For this reason, a day after wanted to copy it to the mexican with a look like that, with a little more clothing, but also with a bikini under clothes and on a bicycle.

Influence very different

Obviously, Yanet García and Kim Kardashian have very different audiences and on hearing very disparate, as the socialite u.s. has more than 160 million followers while the mexican over 12 million by a little bit.

This causes that the impact has been quite inferior by Yanet Garcia, although still has got half a million likes on your photos, while Kim Kardashian has over 2 million in a day.

The most famous of the Kardashian sisters is not going through its best moment of fame and you will note, as this same publication last year possibly I would have 3-4 million likes more, but still its impact and visibility is brutal.