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Women, the rich and the famous they were hungry to reach the standard of beauty demanded by the lunatic fringe group’s leader, Keith Raniere

Nothing of the word cult, but “self-help group”. It was under this name that an ex-computer programmer Keith Raniere founded in 1998, is a scheme, which promised to reveal the secrets of victory and prosperity. In that conversation, he convinced the rich and famous, who participated in the meetings and macabre, to the NXIVM ( pronounced “nexium”).

Things came to a tipping point, where the sect has gathered thousands of people at lectures and training sessions, they promised to pass on to you a mix of pseudo-religion, philosophy, and neuro-linguistic programming. It’s just that, behind the glamour of the alternatividade of the words, which were, in fact, an aspect of the macabre and the horrifying.

The sect was nothing more than a trap. Aliciava women to become sex slaves, and they were subjected to forced labour. The women were even marked with a laser, as if they were cattle. Their bodies were the initials of a leader who was looked up to as a spiritual guru for the socialites.

Keith Raniere, and the women of the cult NXIVM Credit: Handout/ Youtube

The members of the notable

One of the members, the most well-known of the sect, was for the actress, Allison Mack, known for his role as Chloe Sullivan on the show Smallville. She joined the group truth is in 2007, at the invitation of his fellow cast members, Kristin Kreuk. Allison went on to recruit other women to the leader, Keith Raniere, and if you tranformou on one of the heads of the group.

In 2016, via a message on Twitter, and Allison Mack as he tried to lure in the star of Emma Watson, the Harry Potter series”. There has not been any indication of success. However, another famous name he came up with a success.

Allison Mack, the actress of the series, Clark kent and lois lane Credit: Wikimedia Commons

It was Clare Bronfman, the heir to the distillery, Seagram. There was also a canadian actress, Sarah Edmondson, who told The New York Times and the times of suffering that went on in the NXIVM.

According to Edmondson, she was required to swear an oath of obedience the total of the leader, and he made the confessions more intimate, and even gave photos of themselves with no clothes on. The images were then used to chantageá it.

The day-to-day torture

After you have your photo taken with Sarah Edmondson has gone through the ritual of tattooing, and it was marked with the initials of Keith Raniere. During the procedure, she had to sit down at a table and get blind-folded, with his arms being held back by other women.

Raniere has also forced the young woman, and all the others who have followed fasts, and diets, to hunger, to meet a standard of feminine beauty is required for it. In addition to this, his disciples are all those who indulge in sexual disease of Raniere, and without the option to refuse any of your wishes.

The scars are made with the laser in the cult NXIVM / Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The cult had a totally concocted by Keith Raniere, that way, the follower on the scale. The recruits are the masters should get the six slaves. In turn, these six are supposed to find six more, each one of them, to go up a hierarchy, dummy.

The slaves were not expected to live, along with Raniere, however, have to be made available to them. They are, for example, could not even delay to 1 minute to reply to a text message, they would be punished. In addition to this, some women have been forced up to the abortion.

Keith Raniere, one of the women in the sect / Credits: Handout / Youtube

“There is a kind of entertainment, there are different types of ceremonies for a tribute to Keith in different places, performances of the singers. But it’s all focused on the idea of paying tribute to Keith and celebrate the work of Keith,” said a witness, anonymously, to the american newspaper the Times Union.

The truth comes out

Police investigations have discovered up to now, how many women have been the victims of a lunatic. According to Forbes, the authorities have been alerted about NXIVM in 2003. The investigations were on, causing the organization to continue operating.

According to The New York Times, it was the argument used by NXIVM, was that the women were acting in agreement, therefore, the technical aspects that have prevented legal action. The truth only came to light at the end of the year 2017, when it was discovered, the participation in the show, Allison and Mark, who recruited the young women.

In march, in the year 2018, the leader, Keith Raniere has been arrested in Mexico. Mark was also arrested at the same time. They were detained is still in the billion dollar-Clare Bronfman and the other three women, among whom is Nancy Salzman, 64, co-founder of the sect.

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