10 adventures which ended in disaster


These early explorers were unable to finish their expeditions, and they never came back to the house

10. Ponce de Leon (1474-1521)

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Spanish wanted more time to continue his career in the massacres of the native-born. Through a translation error, thought that there was a real fountain of youth in Florida. What he found was the last one flechaenvenenada.

9. Salomon Andree (1854-1897)

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In 1897, the swede took off on the archipelago of Svalbard over the North Pole in a hydrogen balloon. After two days of flight, it crashed on the sea ice. Andree tried to turn it back on and it died on an island of its own archipelago, where he had gone.

8. David Livingstone (1813-1873)

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

He tried to find the source of the River Nile. Abandoned, and came to a stop at a zoo, a human, by displaying it in exchange for food. After the famous meeting with Henry Stanley (“Dr. Livingstone, I presume”), dipped back into the jungle and disappeared.

7. James Cook (1728-1779)

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The discoverer of the pacific islands and the islands if it clashed with the locals, who had been a god, for the sake of some of the boats are stolen. He ordered the abduction of the king to trade for your boat. Ended up paid off on the beach by the locals.

6. Robert Burke (1820-1861)

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

With no experience in mining, out of Melbourne and heading to the Gulf of Carpentaria, in northern Australia, on a journey of 3,250 miles through the desert, and other harsh environments. It took 19 men, six in chinese, and a walk-in closet. A trip On the first day, they covered as 6.5 km from the hotel. Impatiently, He would separate the team and is going to starve to death on the way back.

5. Percy Fawcett (1867-1925)

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In 1925 he went to the Amazon jungle in search of the lost city of Z, ” in a civilization as advanced as the incas, the mayas and the aztecs. Never to be seen again. The indianista Orlando, Villas, Boas believed, that all the indians the kalapalo had killed Fawcett because he showed up without the presence of a serious offence.

4. Amelia Earhart (1897-1937)

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

She was in the aviator, most famous in the world, when it is attempted to be the first one to take a tour around the world. The first woman to cross the Atlantic non-stop in 1928, after only one year of achievement, Charles Lindbergh, was the winner of many races, from the air force.

In the last pernada of the journey, her plane disappeared in the Pacific Ocean. You can still try to find that in the end it led him to the theories that include to have been captured by the japanese and forced to work for them.

3. John Franklin (1786-1847)

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In the uk, I wanted to find the elusive Northwest Passage, the route between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans through the islands of the frozen Archipelago of the Canadian Arctic. Just got on the ice with his two ships and 128 men.

Several expeditions were sent to find out what had happened. One of the vessels was found empty, with no damage. Apparently, the men ran out of supplies, and those who survived in the cold, he had to resort to cannibalism, and even, for a time, until the flesh is over.

2. Robert Falcon Scott (1868-1912)

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

With four other partners, has tried to be the first person to reach the South Pole. Found it in the place of the flag of Norway. Wiped out, killed one by one in the back. The team has interpreted the ambiguous orders to the rescue, and did not find them at the marked point. He is 18 km away from the main field supplies.

1. Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521)

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Famous for it’s first around-the-world-will never give it back to the world. He did not live to see the end of the trip. In the middle of the road, marked by unrest and poor weather, has accepted the proposal of the raja of the Philippines and to attack his enemies. He died in battle, leaving the reporter in the crew’s honor of being the first to circumnavigate the globe.

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