A surprise from the Easter bunny does poop on the bed and Kate Beckinsale – 13/04/2020


Actress Kate Beckinsale has won a surprise to most nice as possible for Easter: a bunny is for real. But, of course, that the thing was not going to let her record a video in peace with his new company. Kate shared on your social networks, your best friend is doing a poo in her bed.

“Happy Easter!”, just posted it yesterday. “Here I am, trying to have a moment of sweet, a little rabbit, which, in fact, is doing a poo all the time. Well into the 2020s. I love all of you.”

In the video, she asks who he is making: “He’s making poop again?”. Yes, it was Kate!

Kate, who is now 46 years old, is famous for films such as the “Angels of the Night,” “Pearl Harbor,” and “Written in the Stars”.