Ariana Grande reveals what it is like for your hair and the fans are going crazy


It’s hard to imagine a Ariana Grande without her hair is long, straight and caught up with the tail of a horse. In addition, hair poneytail is a registered trademark of the singer and only rarely of their fans to see them with different hairstyles. She, too, came to admit many times over the years and most of her hair, long, straight, extensions, and hairpieces.

“If I’m honest, it’s still exactly what I look like with no eyelashes, and my ponytail,” she wrote on Twitter, alongside an adorable photo of her children, with their hair in a natural way. “I’ve had it for 5 years.”, she said.

By taking advantage of the quarantine to test for visual, and new, and she decided to show up, finally, on Tuesday, the 7th, by posting on Instagram a short video with your wires to the natural, and curly.

It didn’t take long for the post to pass, and all over the world – literally – to comment on the hairstyle of a star in the sky. Katy Perryfor example, it has been the first to leave a comment, please keep that hairstyle forever, thank you,” he wrote.

In the past few weeks, it will also come with the sharing clicks, the natural, in which there is no make-up whatsoever. Do you want natural beauty?

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