Babu and Manu Gavassi can be contacted by the Globe after the end of the WEEK


The actor and singer from rio, Babu Santana, (PHOTO: Playback)

Big Brother Brasil is 20 coming to an end, some of the directors of the Globo tv Network were planning to re-utilise some of the participants in the reality programs on the network. According to the reporter Fefito, some of the writers and directors in the global want to tell you, especially with all of the actors and singers, Babu Santana as, and Manu-Gavassi on the results of the placement itself.

While the actor has been celebrated on social networks for the novelist, Daniel Ortiz for a role in the story of “every man for himself”, she comes calling to the attention of experts in marketing and communication because of the massive engagement on social networks, which in the last few days topped the Billboard charts, names like Dua Lipa, Katy Perry, and Beyonce. There is a desire to Manu Gavassi go back to the soap operas on tv, she has worked in a “work-outs” and “Family” in the years of 2014 and 2015.

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The impact, however, in this special commemorative edition of the Big Brother Brazil, the idea of the canal, Fernando Rodrigues, is a reuse of the artists that had a strong impact out of the program. Some of the first ones eliminated, which came as the popularity of on the low, you do not have to win a new contract with the channel.