Babu hits the mark never reached before and makes it to the story of the WEEK


Babu's BBB20 this is a new record from the rock walls on the reality of global (Photo: Playback)
Babu’s BBB20 is the new record holder, of cliffs on the reality of global (Photo: Playback)

Babu Santana is the favorite to take the prize out of a million and a half dollars to the house

On the evening of this Sunday (12th), and the participant’s BBB20the actor Babu Santana, eventually reaching a milestone. It turned out that he became a participant in the reality show, overall, that the more times it went to the wall. Up until yesterday, he was tied up with Marcelo Zagonel, do BBB14, and Ana Carolina, do BBB9, going to the hot seat seven times.

However, with this last Sunday (12), and Babu ended up completing the eight walls, and a new record for the participant who most often went to the wall on the WIKI. At this time, Babu is facing the wall, a ex-panicat Mari Gonzalez’s attorney, Gizelly Bicalho.

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Babu was on the second, fourth, sixth, eighth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, and is now in the tenth room is the wall. All the actors have had a low rate of votes, with a maximum of 4,60%, of the intentions of the votes cast in order to leave the competition.

Now, the Babu needs to break one more taboo, and Marcelo Zagonel and Ana Carolina at chapel hill, he has a very good chance of taking the prize, million-dollar home.


According to an estimate made by the sensing Jennifer Day, who is going to lead to the award of a million-and-a-half for the actual home is actually Babu. Despite the fact that it will still be a strong competitor within the game, as Rafa Kalimann, and Manu, Gavassi, it will be the actor who will become the new millionaire to the piece, and according to the sensitivity.

The reality is global, that is to say, you will come to the end of the next week, more precisely on the 23rd. Babu is a part of the team by the best of the competition, it is well-known for having played Tim Maia in movie theaters and has acted in a few soap operas on TV Globo.

Jennifer Day, famous for predictions, has revealed the winner of the BBB20 (Photo: Playback/the Globe)
Jennifer Day, famous for predictions, has revealed the winner of the BBB20 (Photo: Playback/the Globe)