‘Birds of Prey’ gets HILARIOUS trailer for the honest; Watch it!


The long – ‘The birds-of-Preywin a campervan, honest, funny.

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Most recently, the director Her Hand he spoke about the disappointing result of the adaptation of the box office.

“I know it’s in the studio, I had very high expectations for the film, as well as for all of us. We also had unfavorable opinions about a movie starring women. And the worse is that you may have had the proof that the people are not yet ready to [para esse tipo de produção]. I do believe that there are a number of ways to interpret the lack of success of the film, but I feel that people like to sit in the corner.”

She continues, “‘Birds of Prey’ it’s not a movie, a movie of a super-hero is common, and should not be judged as a single unit, but there is also the question of how a production is perceived by the media. On twitter, people have compared it to the language of the headlines that talked about the box office of the ‘Birds of Prey’, and ‘Ford versus Ferrari’. The world premiere of ‘Ford versus Ferrari’ has been described as ‘strong,’ and ‘the fire in the first place, with$ 31 million in the united states. Already a ‘Bird of Prey’ opened with$ 33 million, but it has been described as ‘disappointing’. And both of them had the budgets to pretty much the same.”

“The panic | get to Know interesting Facts About one of the Movies from Horror cinema’s most Beloved Film

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Check out the movie and the series, which debuts on Amazon Prime Video this week!

The film grossed a weak THE$ 201.8 million in in the world.

At a cost The US$ 85 millionthe production needed to reach the mark The US$ 250 million for the Warner Bros. don’t leave the damage – which was not the case. The loss was in the house of the The US$ 50 million.

It is worth noting that the film was not released in China due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Criticism of Birds of Prey – DC strikes again with a movie is fun, it’s colorful and full of life

Have you heard the one about the policeman and the little bird, the psychotic, and the princess of mafia? ‘Birds of Prey’ it is a tale of the disfigured told by the Harley Quinn, and it’s the only way Harley can relate to it. When the character of a narcissistic and vile of Gotham City, Roman Sionis, and a caring hand in-right hand, Zsasz, however, put a target on a girl named Cass, in the city, turns it upside down looking for it. The ways of a Harley, Huntress, Canary, Black and Renee Montoya collided with one another, and the team has no choice but to bring down Roman for his stand.

The cast counts with Margot To know (Harley quinn), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Hunter), Jurnee Captain Smollett-Bell (Robin Black), Rosie Perez (Renee Montoya), She’s Jay Of The Basque Country (Cassandra Cain), Ewan McGregor (Black mask), and Chris Messina (Victor Zsasz).