Bruno & Marrone), Pedro Sampaio, as well as Pericles and Jonah Stretched out crazy in quarantine


The world came to a halt, with the pandemic of the coronavirus. There are already 1.7 million of the infected people on the planet, and a more than 108-thousand deaths recorded up to that point. Scientists have found no effective remedies and, in many places, there are no more beds and the equipment necessary for the medical care. In the face of this scenario is frightening to many music artists are already preparing, taking the money out of their own pockets, or raising with business partners to help in the fight against the Covid-19 a number of different ways. Take a look at who has donated and what their values are!

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Ariana Grande Donations to the Opportunity Fund, Feeding America, the World Health Organization and the Italian Red Cross. The values are not disclosed.

Bebe Rexha Donations of securities are not revealed to the fans affected by the pandemic.

Bruno Mars – A$ 1-million to the employees of the resort, the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas, where he had his residence in the show) is affected by the coronavirus.

BTS – THE$ 82 billion donated by the LEECH, for the purchase and distribution of masks and alcohol gel in south Korea in the Su

Cardi B – The 20 billion bottles of OWYN (add-on to the base of the plant) to the hospital in New York city; more than$ 1 billion each and every time, to those that are affected by the coronavirus (in collaboration with the Fashion brand-New) as of 20 may.

Ciara and Russell Wilson – 1 million meals to Seattle Food Lifeline.

Dolly Parton – Over$ 1 million for research on the coronavirus in the Valderbilt the University.

Elton John – Over$ 1 million via the Elton John AIDS Foundation, and the us are contaminated with the virus.

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Gusttavo Lima Us$ 100 to us$, and “tens of tons of donations for the Parish of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, a Community in the Light of the Living, and the Legion of goodwill, the Group is Fraternal, Paul of Tarsus, the day-care center Mrs. Judith, and the little Farm of the Lord Jesus christ, and in the state.

Halsey Up to 100 thousand tons of hospitals in California.

Harry Styles Up to 100% of the profits from the sales of a t-shirt reading “Stay Home. Stay Safe. Protect Each Other,” will COVID-19 in Solidarity and Response Fund.

Hungary Us$ 80 billion (the value of all donations in the form of his “live”).

Ivete Sangalo – 1-thousand-beds, boxes, and 5 billion epças of the outfit for the establishment of a unit to combat the coronavirus, and the host of the poor, defiled in the city.

Jay-Z US$ 2 million, via the Shawn Carter Foundation, in partnership with the Clara Lionel Foundation), training for the unemployed, the incarcerated, the homeless and people in need in New York city and Los Angeles.

Jorge & Mateus – Over 172 tons of food, a 10-thousand bottles of alcohol, into the gel, up to 200 courses in the area of health information collected in the “to live”).

Justin Bieber – $ 29 billion for the Beijing Chunmiao Children’s Aid Foundation in China.

Justin Timberlake – A donation the value of which is not disclosed to the Mid-South FoodBank, in Memphis.

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Lady Gaga US$ 45 million, which, together with the Global Citizen, for equipment, for the prevention, testing, coronavirus, as well as investments in research for a vaccine or a cure, and more than 20% of the profits from the Haus Lab in march for a meal in Los Angeles, and New York city for the people who need it.

Lauana Meadow – The donation of the copyright of his next album for anti-coronavirus.

Léo Santana – 40 metric tons of food.

Lucas Lucco Us$ 214 billion (the sum of the premiums earned and the donations from the businesses in your “live”) and a ton of rice to the families in the Sponsorship, Minas Gerais, brazil.

Madonna US$1 million in Gates ‘ Philantrophy Partners’s-COVID-19 Therapeutics Changes; and the investment value is not as specified, in conjunction with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in the search for vaccines or medicines for the prevention or the cure of the Covid-19.

Linda Thomas – 225 metric tons of food, 2 toneldas of cleaning products, about 250 kg of “pão de queijo”, a 260-liter of soda to 100 gallons of paint, 2 tons of plaster, and 50 feet of floor storage for your “live”).

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson – 120 meals for the trablahdores to the hospital.

P!we are – US$ 500 thousand, to the Temple University Hospital’s Emergency, where his mother had worked for 18 years, and an additional$ 500 thousand to the City of Los Angeles, Mayor’s Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund.

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Rihanna – US$ 5 million through the Clara Lionel Foundation, to help the most vulnerable in the United States, the Caribbean, and Africa; more than$ 4.2 million for the year (along with Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter) for the victims of the violênica the home are affected by the quarantine, and more than$ 2 million, along with the Shawn Carter Foundation, to test for coronavirus, and other vulnerable people.

Sandy e Junior Donations of securities is not disseminated to the institutions in the City.

Selena Gomez – Donation amount is not made available to LA’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the hospital where she had her kidney transplant. In addition, she promises to donate$ 1 from every sale on their online store for the Plus 1 Covid-19 The Relief Fund.

Shawn Mendes – The US$ 175 billion for the SickKids Foundation in toronto, Canada.

Taylor Swift – Donation amount is not revealed to the World Health Organization, and Feeding America, in addition to the direct help of a fan, personally affected by the coronavirus.

U2 – US$ 10 million for health-care workers.

The Appropriate Fields Aircraft – Us$ 322 thousand, or 455 tons of food, 1.5 million food baskets and a 3-thousand-quentinhas (earrings in her “live”).

She Us$ 1 million, via a Space Laser, the sistema único de Saúde (unified health system-SUS).