Cosplay of Wonder Woman come together for the fight, the COVID-19



Actress Gal Gadot, who plays a princess and warrior of Themyscira, Diana Prince, Wonder Woman joined the worldwide campaign for people to stay at home, to prevent new Coronavirus to increase, the number of infected people. Then, the actress has used her Instagram to ask her fans to stay in the house, and also said that the situation is serious, and it should not be thought of as a single disease.


The star is one of the leading figures who went on a strong campaign against the Covid-19, and other artists, such as James Gunn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fabio Yabu, and Rita Wilson, have already made public appeals for her fans to stay in the house, and they ask that their fans and followers, and to avoid, to the maximum, get out of the house during the entire period of the pandemic.

“Go on home, it’s my superpower, and just for you! Please take care of yourself, your loved ones, and for all of us. In this situation, it should not be treated the way you play fast and loose with. The sooner we get home, and we prevent from getting this virus is super contagious, the sooner we will be able to go back to our routines without losing touch with the lives of, reported on Gal Gadot.

Coming in the wake of the great heroine of the group on Instagram Same with la, Samebrought together some of the cosplay from around the world to pass the bar soap against the COVID-19, so they are joined together into a video to help you on your question in a video, in the style, TikTok, the sound is from the soundtrack of Wonder Woman, and together they are helping to save lives by showing the importance of washing hands to fight off the virus.

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There were 10 cosplay of Wonder Woman from different countries, who have led the campaign in Gal Gadot, coming together to save lives all over the world, and several personalization to demonstrate the importance of hygiene in those times of confinement required, so that the virus does not proliferate, ending with a total of all this evil which you are doing all around the world.

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