Documentaries, music and children’s activities are highlights of the second of (13) – 13/04/2020 – Illustrated


With the advancement of the coronavirus, the cultural activities are not suspended as a whole. In this scenario, the artists and producers are making shows, home-made is transmitted in social media, premieres of the film have been migrated to the live stream, TELEVISION channels have opened up their signs, the museum, promote virtual visits and video shows, dance, and theater have been available on the internet.

To improve his blocking, we have prepared a list of the contents to be used at home, in the second section (13).


Explore the films and performances hidden away in the archive of the Red Bull TV –all the content can be watched for free, you just need to register on the platform. Some of the tips that are in the movie “Juliette Lewis: the Woman Stopping Hard on the lead singer of the band, The Licks, and academy award nominated actress, and the “Our Vinyl Weights a Ton – The Story of Stones Throw Records, the label of a parking garage, which ended up representing rappers such as Kanye West and Snoop Dogg.


Every week, at the Opera house in Paris, rescues a show featured in seasons gone by, and displays it on its official web site. From today until Sunday (19), it is time for a video of their “Tribute to Jerome Robbins”, a tribute to the choreographer on american back-of-Love-Sublime Love” (1961), is mounted in 2018.

The exhibition

Researcher, specialized in collector’s items, Last Comic for the course, “Perspectives On Contemporary Art” at Gallery the earth. The classes are held on Monday (13) Tuesday (14), from 18 o’clock to 19: 30 and will cost$ 100. The idea is to discuss how to get started on a collection. The inscriptions here.


To this very day, five years ago, the death of the uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano. A good reason to start reading his work –the version for the Kindle, The Veins are Open in Latin America”, his most famous, can be bought for less than$ 15 on Amazon, and it’s a pocket, for$ a 21.53.


Those who have already exhausted all the ideas for activities for your children, confined you can gain a burst of inspiration in the “Art Is Where the Home Is” the art or at home, this booklet is organized by the artists of the british and is made available to download from the gallery Firstsite. It is in the English language.

Another tip is to keep track of the social network of museums and centers of worship. The Instagram of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, the museum of modern art in Rio, he has published a series of activities accompanied by instructions that include color.

And the Japanese House in São Paulo, is today publishing on your Facebook a tutorial on teaching kids to make their own mikados, in a game of oriental origin, known around here as a catch-poles.