Giulia Costa, “says the Justin Bieber to be the face advertising for their brand, Who is


Giulia Costa (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Giulia Costa (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Giulia Costa, a fan taken of Justin Bieber. On Monday (the 13th), the actress has published in his Instagram photo with the filter on and with the logos of the brand, Drew’s House, where the singer is the owner of. Been a fan of the canadian, and the daughter of Flávia Alessandra had asked for it to be “noticed” by him.”

“Justin Bieber, I note, and I called to the girl child,” wrote Julian, with a variety of emojis created in his face.

Most recently, Julian has made a video of the water after a live, Bieber. “Justin Bieber, I love you.” It will be a day when I’m going to overcome Who? The 20-year-guy. The effects of the quarantine??”, also, wrote Julian, which has become a reason of ridicule for the mother, and her sister, Olivia, 9-year-old.

“Guys, you’re getting it all wrong, creating a task force of community news. I was in tears just because it’s live, it fell, after all. He was singing the old songs and I remembered every moment that we have lived together,” she joked.

“He called you, sent you a request [risos]”stopped Flávia Alessandra, chuckling. “No, mother, for God’s sake, is going to confuse people… it’s a lie. He was singing the old songs, and I got a little excited and started to cry”. The united states also has proved to the sister: “in the middle?! a half?!”.

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