Had the Pope’s protest, and action


30 years ago, on this same 13th of April, the Madonna gave the start of the tour’s most powerful and controversial: the “Blond Ambition Tour”. Filling the arenas and stadiums in the United States, Europe, and Japan, the singer, has firmly established itself as an absolute power of pop music, and has caused controversy with each and every detail of your presentation. If you do not live in the heyday of the Queen of Pop, the YOUTUBE we’ll show you all the most memorable on the tour that made history.

The division into acts

One of the innovations of the immediate, of the show’s “Blond Ambition” was to divide the presentation into five acts as in a stage play. Madonna was inspired by the German movie “Metropolis” (Fritz Lang, 1927) in the opening, then go down a block to the religious, on the other, inspired by the film “Dick Tracy” (Warren Beatty, 1990), the Art-Deco style, and by the end of the encore. Up to now, a lot of artists rely on to split their shows into more than one block.

The fashion flagship

All of the costumes in the show designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, who created the looks that crossed generations, like the sports bra in the shape of a cone, the costume of the most iconic in the show. Madonna was so powerful that it has asked the owners of the MAC, the company’s make-up, which is to come up with a lipstick to stay intact for the entire show, even with the sweat. Thus was born the “Russian Red”, which the singer wore in all of the presentations.

Madonna during the

Madonna during the Blond Ambition Tour.

Image: Reproduction


Madonna has made a point of hiring the dancers at hispanics, blacks, and asians, who look to the “voguing” to the show. They were not afraid to express themselves in a way effeminate, and even wore a mermaid in a performance of “Cherish”. “The Madonna will take place in the gay movement on the stage, speaking about the use of condoms and safer sex practices for HIV prevention.

Masturbating on the stage

In one of the most controversial in the show, Madonna simulated masturbation on the bed on the stage to the sound of her classic ‘Like a Virgin’. The act roused the ire of the Catholic Church and other conservative groups.

The pope deals

In speaking of the church, the Pope, John Paul 2nd, said the existence of the show, stating that it was “one of the displays coming to an end for the story. It is worth noting that, in the act of the performance, Madonna is dressed as a priest wearing a cross on her neck while she sang about abortion in the “Papa Don’t Preach”.

The protest

During the passage of the tour in Toronto, ontario, Canada, the police threatened to arrest Madonna if she will perform the action on the stage. In Rome, after the protests of the Pope, and a strike in one of the three shows in the city, had to be cancelled for low ticket sales. He went to America caused in the world.

Madonna is featured on the cover of a magazine

Madonna is featured on the cover of the magazine “Veja” in the 1990’s

Image: Twitter/Streaming

Her desbocada

The shows in London were shown on the BBC. The TV channel also asked the Madonna maneirasse on the cuss words after the first show. So that was what the Madonna said:

F*der, it is not a bad word. Please give is a life. Yes, I am saying to you, f*der to it. Please give, please give, please give.

The influence and legacy of

The “Blond Ambition” has been a staple in the careers of Madonna, and has served as the inspiration for a number of artists that have come after it. U2, Pet Shop Boys, and Kylie Minogue did tour with the division of the acts. Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and other stars wore on the microphone, your headset, in the style of Madonna. The shows were never the same, and Madonna was in charge of.

Long live the Queen!