I submit it approves the 21 subjects that are related to coronavirus


The Pulcineli

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The president of the Legislative Assembly of the state of Goiás approved this Wednesday (8th) 21 issues related to the fight against the coronavirus, one of them with the consent of the estadualização of the four hospitals in the interior, and the end-of-life amendments prior to the year 2018 by the municipality for claims against the Covid-19. In a remote session, with the participation of 40 representatives, were approved by the decrees of the public authorities in 18 cities and towns.

The Legislature has voted yet again to decree to transfer$ 10 million from the Executive, which was to be used for the construction of the new headquarters, whose work has been interrupted because of the crisis of the coronavirus. That is, according to the president, Lissauer Published, the decree is adopted on the 25th day of march, ordered the transfer to the wrong account, after the information has been created a special fund to combat the Covid-19. On the face of it, there was a need to re-vote for the transfer of the Fund to the State’s Health care.

For the project to be assessed also on Wednesday, meps adopted, by a unanimous vote, a break from the 24-hour period to vote on the project, as determined by the by-laws.

The Meeting is not disclosed on the website of the Transparency of the entire content of the approved projects or those presented by the government and by members of the senate. The report did not have access to all the documents. The direction of the House, the heavy rain of the last few days that have caused failure in the system, and that there has been no recovery to allow the update of the data on the website.

The government has referred to the project by allowing the State to manage the health of the cities of Taiwan, Jataí, Luziania and the san Luis Hills to the Beautiful, approved in two votes.

It was also sent to the field, which on the extraordinary regime of environmental licensing, by reason of a state of public calamity. There have been requests for a view of the project, and the assessment has been postponed until next week. The report was unable to document.

The design allows for the use of the amendments of old ones to combat the coronavirus affects the distribution of nearly$ 5 million to the counties, according to the chair of the Meeting. They are the resources which had been reserved in the budgets of the years 2014 to 2018 in the amendments of the parliamentarians in the area of health care in some of the towns and cities that have not been applied in full.

Now, with this project, which was signed by 41 mps, local authorities will be able to change the purpose of that originally proposed, and to invest in the Covid-19, by preparing a plan for implementation.

The proposal provides that the allocation of resources shall be subject to the further provision in the accounts of the State, and, in the case of non-use in the fight against the Covid-19, the link continues to be the destination of the original.

Only the deputy, Antonio did not record the presence at the session is this Wednesday. The session began at 15 hours, it was adjourned to the meeting of the Joint Commission, and returned, finally, at 18h50.

The decree due to the approved are from the following countries: Taiwan, Goianira, São Miguel island of the past Four, St. Helena, Uruana, Jataí, Annapolis, Catalan, Russian, Nice Views of the state of Goiás, Uruaçu, in Santa Tereza de Goiás, Paraúna, Vicentinópolis, Green River, Firminópolis, Ipameri, Paranaíba and in the Midst of the River, very Sweet. The decision of the two weeks the state government has been approved in the first session to the remote host, on the 25th day of march.

The House was informed that it will revert to the regular sessions of the remote, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, in the next week or so.

In the session of Wednesday, a number of parliamentarians argued for the project to establish a reduction of the tuition fees of the school for the decision of isolation from the state. The proposal requires the cutting of a minimum of 30% of the total.

According to the information of the House, 41 members in support of the project, but a few have made a speech saying that one has to be careful in order to avoid layoffs of teachers and other staff members. There has been alerts, even in respect of schools which are offering classes in remote locations.

The bill establishes that, in the event of non-compliance, the provider shall be subject to the application of penalties in accordance with the Code of Consumer protection.

The outside of the package is related to a coronavirus, but it is also in the area of health, the board approved the project by Helio de souza (PSDB), which amends the rules for the management and regulation of health facilities in the State, giving more power to the management of the state. The proposal that is before the crisis, the coronavirus, and he was questioned by the deputy, Antonio Gomide (UK), but it ended up being passed, with five voting against it.