in Taiwan, is a professional basketball follows a “pseudonormal”


When I was studying at the George Washington University, Ben Metcalf, has worked as gandula of the Washington Wizards for the same two seasons as the Wizards, they had a wing guard named Michael Jordan. Shortly after that, Metcalfe was an intern in the video room of the Orlando Magic when the team beat the New York Knicks on opening night and then lost seven games in a row.

Metcalfe had this to start your career as peculiar as saying that ‘the whole of the face of the film of the same stories.” But it would be more difficult to challenge the nature of the idiosyncratic, of his final entry in the school curriculum: Metcalf, 38-year-old is a coach in china and Taiwan, that may be the only league in professional basketball in the world which is still operational during the pandemic of the coronavirus.

The crisis of global health has closed almost all of the bands on the map in the game, but it is not the Super Basketball League in Taiwan (SBL). Then, on the evening of Thursday, Metcalf accompanied their team to the Taoyuan Pauian Archiland, the result is 85 x 77, Bank of Taiwan, led by Matt Jones, a former ward of the Duke, who made 29 points.

In the Pauian played on Friday (10/04), and then again on Saturday (11/04), the last two games of the regular season prior to the start of the playoffs, which are scheduled to take place in the small gym, with no cheerleaders, in the modest environment of a “bubble” that is the NBA, and will probably try to replicate the conditions in the United States to permit the resumption of the season.

“You turn on CNN, or access to the site, to the LETTER, and he realizes: ‘Wow, we really are the only people who are lucky enough to still do what they love’,” said Metcalfe, in an interview over the phone. “I don’t think that it says a lot about how Taiwan is coping with the whole situation, so much so that even we can play basketball”.

In fact, the SBL has a few significant advantages over the NBA, and also about the different leagues in the region who have given up on resuming the game (as China), or they have decided to cancel the rest of the season, after failed attempts, Japan, and South Korea). The league, in Taiwan, only five teams in the country in which it faced a multi-coronavirus better than anyone else’s.

In spite of the close proximity and strong commercial ties with Taiwan, to China, where the coronavirus was made, many pundits have attributed the successful containment of the pandemic in the country, fewer than 400 cases of the Covid-19 are reported, and only 6 of the deaths by April 10, according to the ministry of Health of the island, the lessons learned and the measures taken after the outbreak of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003.

“Life here is pseudonormal,” said Metcalf.

An order from the Taiwanese government, however, has closed all of the arenas that is under the control of the government, on the 19th of march, by lifting the events of assets with more than a 100 people, and all of the events in the open air of more than 500. From the start, the SBL has planned to stop for a couple weeks, but, a few days later, he managed to open the HaoYu the Basketball Training Center, so that it can arrange for all of the games, and ensure that your event will never go out of the 100 in attendance.

The only persons authorized to sign, in addition to the players and the umpires, are the camera operators of tv stations and journalists, and that they are on a table behind one of the baskets. A lot of the people who work in these jobs, as well as a number of employees of the teams and the players on the bench, wear masks, who present to you in a gym and are only allowed on shoes with rubber soles need to be alone for the socks. Curtains of ash hanging over the window behind the basket in the other hand, covering the glass in a weight room adjacent to it, so that it is hidden from the viewer.

“Looks like an amateur league,” said Charles Garcia, a major american star in the Pauian. “It sounds like a recreation center,” said Metcalf, “for lack of a better definition”.

For Garcia, the play, without the fans, this is the biggest disadvantage. Born in Los Angeles, california with the passages of trade in 11 countries before the Taipei Fubon Braves to the league title last season, Garcia had agreed fully with the recent statement from the star of the los angeles Lakers, LeBron James, playing in an arena that’s empty, would be unacceptable in the NBA.

“No way, no way,” Garcia said. “We need the fans. Where are you going to take away their power? I can not even imagine such a thing in the NBA. It would be very hard to do.”

It is clear that, as noted by Metcalf, although it is very difficult to imagine,’ James’, and with the Lakers playing without the fans, it is the spread of the coronavirus, by the courts of the NBA, and that ‘at the moment it seems the most difficult.’ So, perhaps the NBA will have something to learn from the experience of the SBL, even though the scale is much smaller for the alloy than a century.

When you arrive at the port of HaoYu, with the players in the SBL are received by the fiscal of the league, they check your temperature with a thermometer to test and record the information next to the name of the player. It is assumed that a confirmed case of the coronavirus in the league, it would lead to the immediate suspension of the game, but none of the test-to-Covid-19 is carried out in the area. Anyone with a temperature over 37.5 degrees it is forbidden to step foot in the gym.

Metcalf said that the greetings between the players in the Pauian also, I have been ‘banned’. The preparer of a physical team, with Penny, While it alcohol in a spray bottle in their hand as they come out of the locker room and during the breaks. While it also makes sure that the players are to wash your hands thoroughly during breaks and after the game, but these orders may not be universal. With the recent loss of Pauian for Taiwan Beer, the first place, the transmission of a Twitch, showed players exchanging greetings during the introductions prior to the game.

Garcia, a 31-year-old former star of the G-League finals, and went on to win the championship in the league’s access to the NBA championship in 2011 with the Iowa Energy. Because of this, he doubled his claim that the story is inappropriate to the SEASON.

“The only sound is that of his team-mates,” said Garcia. “I don’t drink Red Bull, but I’m drinking it now, before the games, in order to have the energy. When you take a dunk, you want to scream but can’t. It’s no good. So, do you just run in to help the defence.