Insulated with five women, Reynolds shows us to be happy – Television


Ryan Reynolds is one of Hollywood actors who are in quarantine, however, it has the potential to be living with five women, which has caused a few moments of humor.

“This morning I dressed up in tissue paper,” he began to count on his social network, who said right away that you loved the job because they like “doing things with the girls”. The actor is currently living with three young daughters (8 months, 3 and 5 years old), a wife, Blake Lively, and the mother, or the mother-in-law of the woman.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert on ‘The Late Show’, the actor has revealed how he has been living in the social isolation imposed by the authorities. Reynolds pointed out that, in the presence of the mother in the home, it has been important to the family, and had daughters only if they want to wear the color pink.

In a joking way, he said, even though the mother may be in a food emergency, in case of a pandemic from getting worse, adding that the mother did not know it.”

The presenter showed some concern about the sanity of the actor, because he is living with five women. Ryan desdramatizou, and he commented that he has taken advantage of the moments when there are no activities for “above all drinking.

Even if they are shut up in the house, a couple of the actors Reynolds, Lively has donated $ 1 million to the organizations, Feedings, American, and Food Banks Canada, which is supporting the elderly and families with little income. Reynolds and the woman gave even a 400-thousand-dollars to the hospitals that are most affected by the pandemic in New York city.

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