Jennifer Lopez-dance with your ex to live on Instagram and see


As long as the world remain in social isolation due to a pandemic of a coronavirus, people have primarily used the internet as a form of recreation.

With this in mind, various well-known in the country and the world have been doing live streams on social networks, whether it is to do a show or just to chat with the fans.

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An Ex of Jennifer Lopez dies at the age of 51 years

The latest star to join in the fun it was Jennifer Lopez who appeared in a live-in Instagram in a way that is unexpected.

The singer and actress took part in the surprise for a live broadcast of her ex-boyfriend, Diddy, a. k. a. Sean Combs).

The former couple, who was together from 1999 to 2001, gathered for a dance with him, helping him to raise money for efforts against the coronavirus.

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Apparently, with so much time having passed since the end of the relationship, and both of them are very good friends, and there’s none of the bitterness.

The most recent work by Jennifer Lopez was, as it Does in the movie, The con artists, in which she was highly praised for his work, having been nominated and won a number of awards.