Justin Bieber is murdered after boasting of the rich during the crisis of the coronavirus

The canadian singer Justin Beiber (PHOTO: Playback)

Justin Bieber
The canadian singer Justin Beiber (PHOTO: Playback)

Justin Bieber has been criticised on the social network after a live that was held on Instagram on Friday (October 10) at the side of his wife, Hailey Baldwin, and model, Kendall Jenner. The trio of the famous, it has been criticized for supposedly, if you boast about being rich for the crisis caused by the advance of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. “A lot of people, of course, you are going through bad situations, and they look at us,” said Bieber in the video.

“You know, you’ve worked hard to get to where we are now, so we should not feel uncomfortable about it. But I do think that you just take the time to realize that there are people who are actually in bad situations is important,” he he considered the music on the other. “We are so very blessed. I have thought about it all the time”, added Kendall.

On Twitter, the comments of the artists have been heavily criticized. “That’s so cool that Justin bieber took time out of your day to him, to acknowledge that we are poor,” debochou a Twitter profile. “I hate the way this guy says he worked hard on it, then you should not feel bad for all the money they have. I hate Justin Bieber!”, shot each other. “I don’t think I had a poster of the Bieber roomit regretted the last one.

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