Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, is critical after they talked about the privileges for the quarantine


The pandemic of the coronavirus has affected several families in a variety of ways, and unfortunately, a lot of people have lost jobs, have suffered economically and are not able to comply with the quarantine, because they have to work to put food on the table every day.

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During live together, Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner they commented on the difficult situation in which the world finds itself in, and his words were later used against them. After the model is to show you to your new house, and the two talked about the privilege of being able to pass the quarantine in the way and the place they are in. They have said that it is important to be aware of there are some people who do not have the same privilege to them, and that became a reason for criticism.

How blessed we are that type – of course a lot of people in bad situations during this time. But, you know, they look up to all of us, and of course, we’ve worked hard to be here with you, so you can’t feel bad for what we have. But I do think that it is only in terms of the knowledge that there are people who are suffering from, it is important to you.”, I said to Justin.

Shortly after the comment, several people spoke about it and spoke to them about their unemployment accounts, and they were marred with every passing day.

“I’m sure that all of the new unemployed are grateful for the Justin Bieber and you know what they are getting poorer.”

“The career of Justin Bieber started out when Usher found him singing it on Youtube. The father of Kendall Jenner is the winner of the Olympic. The father of Hailey, Bieber is a superstar in the world. Out here, that they are “blessed,” and “hard work”.

We believe that the comment of the singer and the model was not being mean, but they might have been spoken in a different way, because privilege is real and it’s just to acknowledge that there are people out there in different conditions, it is not enough.

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