Khloé Kardashian captivates all with a tender message to her sister, Kim Kardashian


Let us recall that this family is characterized by always being in the worst and best news in the showbiz, their extravagant lifestyle comes to the attention of any one, by what the cameras and media are always on the lookout for the Kardashian and the Jenner.

Through his television show we have been able to witness the relationship of this famous family has gone through moments and fights more complicated, however the love that is saved tends to succeed in all cases.

Remember that Khloé and Kim are some of the members observed more, after the great scandal that brought about the infidelity of the leading Tristan Thompson with a friend of the family.

The scandals of the family Kardashian

Recall that in this complicated case to the family Kardashianwas the socialite Kim who was in charge of find out all about the infidelity and defend to layer and sword to his sister Khloé.

Even for all of these reasons and many more, Khloé feels a love very special and great gratitude to his sister, a fact that we have been able to see on several occasions through the social networks of this part of the family Kardashian.

Khloé captivates all with a tender message to her sister, Kim Kardashian

Even recently Khloé captivated all his followers behind to devote one of the messages that are most tender to his sister Kim, which it made through its official account of Instagram which has more than 104 million followers.

In this image where you can to the Kardashian sisters together, Khloé he wrote “I love You so much Keeks”, a nickname that referred affectionately to Kim. Even this publication came quickly to more than a million likes and hundreds of comments, where fans of both famous took to applaud the great love that you have.

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