Kim Kardashian wears mini skirt silver on outing with Kanye West


The style of Kim Kardashian has gone through several stages throughout his career as a tv star. Always with looks revealing, the founder of KKW Beauty, a few years back here -especially since he began his relationship with Kanye West, has been daring with outfits more sophisticated and, if you like, risky, betting on new silhouettes, less skin and more design, which has been gaining influence within the world of fashion, both as a muse as influencer. And that is that we, the trend of the biker shorts it would not have been as potent as it has been in the last two years if it had not been because she and her sisters became objects of desire, and now they seem to be doing the same thing with the snake print that, apparently, has become their favorite as well as the Kendall Jenner and, therefore, we suspect a rise in this animal print very soon.

In the last few months of 2019, Kim Kardashian bent a little more for looks more austere and conservatives who usually wore, both on the streets and on the red carpet. It was as well as surprised with dresses fully covered as that with the that was left to see in New York the past month of November.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in New York city.

© Gotham

Or that suit, also completely black and in a format oversize with the that attended the launch of the new Institute of the Armenian human rights The Promise at UCLA. Looks, certainly, marked a radical change in his style, one that has come to cook with the passage of the seasons.

Kim Kardashian at the launch of the new Institute of the Armenian human rights The Promise at UCLA.

© Stefanie Keenan

But, as followers of Kim, do not panic, because the famous don’t forget your sexy side and always returns to him, as he shared recently in his account of Instagram with a selfie next to her husband Kanye West, in what seemed to be a romantic getaway for them.

In the image, Kim seems to have wanted to show off your look: a crop white top set neck halter with transparency at the center and a mini skirt, silver latex, tight even, that hugged perfectly her curves. Kardashian completed her styling with those shoes transparent heels of Yeezy that we’ve seen him more than once to her and to her sisters.

Of your look, it is better to take note of your mini skirt, an ideal model for women of a lot of hip, with a little help from his shorts molders defined her figure and accentuated her curves in a way flattering, with that air of sexy is never over.

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