Let’s talk about the refrigerator of Kim Kardashian, and why it became viral


A few days ago Kim Kardashian shared a picture on their social networks posing in front of a fridge half-empty that caught the attention of his followers, who could not help but wonder what she ate in her day-to-day.

Before the uproar that has caused the contents of your refrigeratorwhere you only had a few bottles of water and milk of four different brands, the celebrity has decided to clarify through the section of Stories of his Instagram that in reality, that is not the only one who are there in your house.

In fact, Kim and her husband Kanye West have a fridge to store only the bottles of water, fresh fruit juices and other beverages and that has banished all the plastic containers. The refrigerator with double front door is located in its gigantic pantry, that would be the envy of any neat freak because all the products are sorted in glass jars, and where he has also installed a machine yogurt ice cream.

The refrigerator main it is located in your kitchen industrial size and, in reality, it is a cool room as the that can be found in any restaurant.