LIVE: Watch a live “Easter” of double-Zé Neto e Cristiano


Zé Neto e Cristiano will give to all the fans, with a live-in Easter Sunday morning (12th). The transfer shall be made on the official tv channel of the dual-in-YouTube-from 18 o’clock.

Many of the successes of the careers that are guaranteed in the repertoire: “The Police”, “I Love You”, “Seat-of-Steel”, “Off to Draw” and Notification “Preferred”, apart from the songs, the room, the audiovisual work as “Kisses Live” as in “Wound, Healed”, “I took My Bicycle,” “the Visitor Version, and the “Gated community”.

However, in the social networks of the duo, the fans were able to say which of the songs would not be out of the account. Who knows, your wish could not be fulfilled?

Watch it here live from Joe’s Grandson, and How: