Lollapalooza: how were the lives of the three King, Clarice Falcão, and When


Clarice Falcão, Suit of the King, and When

Last Saturday (the 11th) he rolled a mini-version of the festival and Lollapalooza Brazil, in the home.

The idea of the event was to transmit the lives. the artists who will perform at the end of the Three-if it hadn’t been delayed, and now you can watch the videos that were in the channel on the Lolla YouTube.

Below, you can watch the three presentations are available When, By Clarice Falcão and Suit For A Kingin the full text.

Lollapalooza In Brazil To 2020

It is worth noting that the 2020 festival has been postponed to December on account of the multi-Coronavirus.

The but they are secured with a Guns N’ Roses, Travis, Scott and The Strokesand T4F, which produces the festival, has been talking about how you will commit for the rest of the line-up as soon as possible.

We reimaginamos of the three-day line-up with original material bringing you live footage of the band and the artist, and you can see it here.